Coconut Pineapple Mousse Cake

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    Serves: 6

    Time required: 50 minutes plus baking and refrigerating time


    For the sponge:

    2 eggs

    3 tablespoon hot water

    100 gm sugar

    a pinch of salt

    75 gm flour

    10 gm corn flour

    15 gm grated coconut

    For the filling:

    1 large pineapple

    100gm brown sugar

    105 gm sugar

    ½ cup water

    2 tablespoon lime juice

    2 tablespoon gelatine

    2 eggs

    2 yolks

    2 cups cream


    To prepare the sponge:

    Beat up the eggs with three tablespoon hot water, sugar and a pinch of salt for three minutes. Serve flour and corn flour together and fold into the egg mixture. Lastly fold ion the coconut. Pour into a 22.5 cm round cake tin, preferably with a loose bottom. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes. When done, remove and cool. Cut the cake into two slices.

    To prepare the filling:

    Peel, clean and cut the pineapple into pieces and boil with brown sugar, 30 gm sugar and ½ cup water till the pineapple turns soft (for about 15 minutes). Drain, cool and blend the pineapple in a mixer to a puree. Add lime juice and mix well.

    Dissolve gelatin in the pineapple syrup and keep aside. Beat eggs, egg yolks and sugar over hot water till creamy. Mix in gelatin and pineapple puree. Allow to cool. Beat the cream till stiff and fold into pineapple mixture.

    To serve:

    Replace one slice of cake in the loose bottomed cake tin. Pour half of the prepared filling over it and cover with the second slice of cake. Pour the remaining filling over to cover the entire surface and chill in the refrigerator till set.

    To decorate:

    Roast a little desiccated coconut on a tawa till brown. Remove the cake onto a serving dish and sprinkle desiccated coconut over. Decorate with pieces of pineapple, if desired.

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