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Classical Dance For 4 Years Old In Austin Texas

Discussion in 'Music and Dance' started by Jas82688, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Jas82688

    Jas82688 Silver IL'ite

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    Hello ladies ,

    My elder daughter is 4 years old and younger one is 1 mon old .. we parents both work full time .. we don't have any social circle in our apt community now am feeling bad after 4 years my child Doesn't have any company to play around .. so what am I thinking is joining her in for some extra curricular activities ..

    So need some suggestions on if any one knows about good classical dance teacher in Austin ( she dances for movie songs ) for week ends .. and any other Suggestions under what can a 4 year be enrolled like painting .. she is bit stubborn but after she started school we saw some diff ..

    Is there any program for kids in Austin where parents n kids can gather so that my daughter can get along with fellow kids ..

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