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Churning Churning Everywhere,not A Spoon Of Butter

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Dec 10, 2019.

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    The word Churning takes our mind to the portrait of Lord Krishna standing behind Yashoda who is churning the curd to take the butter out and Krishna is better known as navaneetha Chora or butter thief.
    Bhagavatha Purana talks of Churning of milky ocean by Devas and asuras using the mount Manthara as the churning rod and Vasuki as the rope with Lord Vishnu in the form of Kurma supporting the entire process.
    When Vasuki’s head vomited forth poison that threatened to fall into the ocean and contaminate the amrita, Shiva held it in his throat, a feat that turned his throat blue.We all know that there were many many bye products such as moon,Parijatham, kalpa Vriksham,Elephant Airavatha,Goddess Lakshmi, Paancha Janyam and many others.
    The churning of milky ocean by Devas and
    Asuras, in addition to being an interesting
    anecdote in Hindu mythology is highly symbolic.
    It represents the spiritual endeavour of human beings to gain immoratlity or amritatvam
    through yogic practices,concentration,self control,detachment,austerity and renunciation.
    It is interesting to note that all these phenomena find a place in this event.

    The ‘churning’ turns cream into butter.The essence of churning is with the right tools we can transform a liquid into something that is more solid, longer-lasting, and more valuable.
    But churning is not as simple as that.It represents the churning of the world around us bringing about changes in technology, the economy, politics, the environment, social attitudes and so on.

    Within the last 30 years how many changes we have faced?The world is becoming more and more complex,though it is stated to be within one's palm.

    Every one feels the emotional churning when we face the ambiguous ,volatile,unpredictable situations.
    Now a days the word 'Churn Rate' is more often used as a business jargon.
    What Is Churn Rate?
    The churn rate, also known as the rate of attrition or customer churn, is the rate at which customers stop doing business with an entity.This is common in Telecom, TV, Satellite and internet industries where customers very often change their plan according to favourable schemes offered by various service providers. Industries whose income essentially depend on subscriptions suffer a lot because of churning and it may impede the growth.

    This churning also happens when hundreds of employees leave a concern on some grounds.There will be an initial shock and turbulence in the system even as we see ripples while churning the buttermilk.Immediate hiring and reorganization is not simple.It is often termed as creative destruction.
    This churning phenomenon is more common in Insurance sector where the facilities and premia change quite often.

    Churning involves the relationships that are constantly formed, broken, and reformed. Organizations vacillate, constantly initiating and terminating relationships. These actions result in churning.

    Not to talk of churning in politics as we saw the agitation in Maharashtra due to Coalition Govt and horse trading.Everything is a part of churning.
    Still worse are the effects of churning when stock markets fail and there is down trend in economy.
    There is already a churning sensation in our stomachs when we face failures and unfortunate events in life.

    While we try to analyse the magnitude of churning in every phase of life, we feel allergic to the word ' churning' itself,even if it is stated to bring in a transformation in human beings.

    Bagvan's initiation of Gita to Arjuna also is stated to be a churning process which brought about transformation in Partha.

    I may even hesitate to touch Gita.
    Jayasala 42
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    :hello: Quite true. Churn - the word when heard or the tool seen, the Bala Krishnan comes to mind. A powerful thought provoking analysis for sure.

    2. The entire cosmos, universe seems to be under churn and within it all planets constantly being churned.
    3. What causes the churn or from where energy comes in Nature for churning - all million dollar question.
    4. I enjoyed your visualisation of the various aspects of human life under constant churn . Every head ache is a churn. It is clockwise for some and anticlockwise for others. Late night stale pizza results in early morning stomach-churning.
    5. Churn is good to produce butter, to dilute curd to butter-milk. From old almanac to today’s politics it is churn churn everywhere.

    6. I would welcome with open arms more such churns from you madam sister.
    Thanks and Regards.
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