Chinese Mid Autumn Day festival

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    Autumn Festival since spread to people.

    There is a long history of the Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, is slowly formed in the spring of the ancient emperors and a memorial day, the autumn festival on the officiating system, in the "Rites", a book that has "Mid-Autumn Festival" in the records. Later, aristocrats and writers degree also followed up on the Mid-Autumn Festival, in front of the sky, bright moon, another round round gardens -- the sustenance feelings on this practice spread to the community and create a traditional activity has been in the Tang Dynasty, the festival more people to pay attention to custom, the Mid-Autumn Festival became a fixed festival records "of Tang Dynasty" is a "New Year", a festival popular in the Song Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has a par with New Year's Day, has become one of China's major festivals.
    The Mid-Autumn Festival is very rich in legends, the Moon, Gui Wu Gang, like the rabbit mention the well-known fairy tale.

    Mid-Autumn Moon legend --

    Legend, in ancient times there on the 10th the same time sky, sun-withered crops, with the result that he became a name, the hero king, he sympathized with the suffering of the people on board the Kunlun Peak shipped enough supernatural, God began arch stretch shot down over nine sun, the sun and ordered the last time around, to benefit the people.

    So he became subject to the respect and affection of the people, Ho I married a beautiful and good-hearted wife, named Chang'e. In addition to hunting he became performances, and his wife together all the people that are the envy of talented an affectionate couple.

    Many followed Toushi indeed a minority, a malevolent Peng Meng also mixed in.

    One day, he became friends to seek the Kunlun Mountains, which met after the Queen Mother, to stop the Queen Mother seek a packet of immortality drug. Said that the dose of the drug can immediately go to heaven immortal. However, he became reluctant to cast aside his wife had to put herself to immortality medicine collections. Change to drug possession into Shuzhuangtai Po Box 100, the surprise was seeing the Mongolian curs Fung, he said he would die eating his immortal medicine.

    Three days later, he became pioneered followers to go out hunting, and Mongolia took the canopy pretend illness, stayed. When Ho rate question everyone left shortly Ponte Neizhai Mongolia with a sword into the backyard, forced to surrender herself medicine of immortality. She was not aware of his opponent Peng Meng, desperate act decisively when she turned 100 treasure chests were opened, one swallow the medicine of immortality out indefinitely. Change to swallow the medicine, the body immediately Piaoli ground, out of a window to fly in space. She was worried about her husband because, Fallen from the earth to the Moon recently became cents.

    Evening, he became home, the maid cried the day they happen. Surprised he became angry, allows the Choujian beings, Peng Meng early escape, he became so angry ritual of hand-wringing, distraught and look forward night calls wife's name, then he surprised to discover that the moon is very bright and unblemished, but the scene resembles a dime herself. He struggled to recover towards the moon, but his recovery steps, the moon forward and three steps back, forward and three steps back, three steps into the moon, whatever has to fail in front.

    He became helpless, and he misses his wife, herself had sent people to love the gardens, put incense table, place the honey she normally loved fresh fruit, the service was very close to his in the cold palace of the moon Lane Change. People have heard about the news of the Moon immortal after all the incense table on the next display to pray for good She was lucky safe.

    Since then, thanks to the Mid-Autumn Festival custom in civil and well.

    Mid-Autumn legend bis -- Wu Gang magnificently

    On the Mid-Autumn Moon legend : there is a legend on the moon, the moon before the growth of a vibrant, created more than 500 high-top and cut it in a normal person, but each time cutting After a chop up the place immediately. For several thousand years, such as cooperation with the cut, how the moon can never be uprooting. The plant is said to the person named Wu Gang is the Han River, has followed a fairy convent, to the heavens, but he is wrong, immortal Relegated to take him off palace of the moon, so every day doing such a futile task to show punishment. Li Bai's poems are "tried to chop mid-kui, who pay for winter," the records.

    30 -- Mid-Autumn legend of the emperor and cakes Uprising
    Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes legend started in the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, people could not take the Yuan Dynasty, China's brutal rule of the ruling class, have anti-million intifada. Zhu Yuanzhang Joint soon as opposition forces prepared uprising. But Chao officers and soldiers raided a very tight, very difficult to impart information. Division, a loss to find a trick, orders are stored under "15 August night Uprising" slip into maize pancake inside Tibet, and then send the form sent to various parts of the rebel army, informing them of the intifada in the evening on August 15 to respond. On the day of the intifada, together soon Yi responded, as the rebel army fire.

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