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CHECK HERE FIRST - useful discussions on infants

Discussion in 'Infants' started by Riyasmommy, Oct 7, 2008.

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    Hi there, welcome to our alphabetized indexed thread. In order to help you find information in this forum we are maintaining this running list of topics and discussions. Before you start a new thread, please browse through the list to see if the topic already exists, if it does, then please click on the link and post your query there. This will help with avoiding duplication of threads. Thank you.

    1. Traveling with babies
    Air travel to India
    Air travel from India
    Tips for long airline travel with Infants
    Recommendation light baby strollers
    Is it safe to buy a used infant car seat???
    Child Car Seat and Booster Seat Safety Info
    Benefits of Rear Facing Carseats
    8 Tips for Traveling with an Infant (Article)

    2.Health issues

    My baby has got cold-pls advise
    Colic pain
    cough and congestion for 8 months old baby
    green color stool - remedies please
    Constipation Remedies
    Baby Shedding Hair: Is this normal?
    infant Eczema!!help needed
    Newborn Irregular Bowel
    Flu Shots
    Lactose intolerance - advice please
    Infants Poop queries
    potty training a 4 month old
    Teething feeder
    Applying vicks vaporub for 11 month old baby
    tips to improve complexion for girl baby


    Baby's first books
    What age did you introduce books to your infant?
    Parenting books

    4.Diapers and clothes.

    Cloth Diapers
    cloth diaper FaQs
    Stitching cloth diapers
    Diapers and Diaper Rash
    Diapers and Diaper Rash

    Fall/winter clothes

    5.Sleep issues.

    Baby is awake at night
    Putting baby down for sleep
    Baby Crib/Cot - Is it necessary?
    Baby is awake at night

    6. Daycares

    Tips for choosing a Day Care for toddlers

    7. Miscellaneous
    Baby Bath
    Baby games
    Bilingual (or more) babies
    Cribs/baby cots - is it necessary?
    Detergents for baby clothes
    Detergents for baby clothes - Eczema
    Feeding bottles (cleaning)
    Freebies for the mom and the baby
    Hair oil
    High Chairs

    Languages - Introducing two or more languages to a baby
    List of things for new born
    Tamil Lullabies
    (Thalattu padagal)
    Massage Oil suggestion
    Massage Techniques

    Mustard seeds pillow for shaping babies head
    Newborn Care
    Poop queries
    Potty traing infants (or Elimination communication)
    Recalls - all products
    Red bumps /prickly heat like rash on face
    Safety gates
    Silent Reflux
    Sippy Cup

    Soap for infants
    Summer care
    TV and Babies
    Vaccine discussion
    Vaccine list


    Parenting articles
    Indusladies Featured Articles
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