Chapati rolls

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    Making something new out of the leftovers.
    left over chapatis-3
    besan-1 cup
    green chillies- 2
    chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
    salt - 1/2 tsp

    For garnishing:
    oil-- 1 tsp
    mustard seeds-1tsp
    green chillies-2
    onion- 1 small
    a few curry leaves.
    • chop green chillies & onion finely.
    • make a thick paste of the besan along with water.
    • Add salt, chilli powder , green chillies & onions to the besan paste and mix well.
    • Take 1 chapathi and spread besan paste on it, put another chapathi on it & again spread the besan paste , cover with the third chapathi& spread besan paste again.
    • Make a roll & tie it with a thread.
    • Steam for15 to 20 min ,in a cooker with out the whistle. cut into small rounds after cooling.
    • Heat oil in a kadai put in mustard seeds , green chillies curry leaves & onion. Fry a little and add the rolls.
    Mix well & serve hot with tomato sauce & green chutney.


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