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Chanting Kanda Guru Kavacham

Discussion in 'Pujas Prayers & Slokas' started by kavya007, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. kavya007

    kavya007 Gold IL'ite

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    Hello Everyone,

    Do any of you regularly chant Kanda Guru Kavacham (KGK)? I regularly chant Kanda Guru Kavacham and I felt a lot of grace flow into my life ever since I chanted Kanda Guru Kavacham. I feel Skanda brings a lot of healing and grace into my life after I started chanting KGK. Recently I also went through a surgery. I was dreading the post surgical experience wondering how I will cope with the pain, manage restroom etc. From the 4th day I was off all pain killers. I constantly felt a warm, loving energy flood me. Likewise many times when I lost all hope in my life verses from KGK would come to my mind and fill me with strength and grace. I feel the protection of Murugan's Vel. I have also blogged about my experiences at
    My Experiences in Spirituality: Kandha Guru Kavacham

    I wish to visit Santananda's Swamigal temple in Salem the next time I visit India. Please share your experiences if you have any regarding KGK and Muruga.

    warm regards,

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