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chain of action or reaction

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Chain of action or reaction:
    When I informed my family members that my article has been put on the focus in sulekha. Com. By afternoon I get an invitation from my son in law who has written a blog here in sulekha, I was so surprised that it could bring about this enthusiasm in the human as a chain.
    When I told my mother about how my son in law has written an article about his childhood where he stole 20 paise and how his father reprimanded, my mother started off on her childhood.
    She said even when she was small, she remembers as a child when one day she came in the house to drink some water as she was playing pandi the squares, we played when young, and saw this quarter in the sill and took it and ran away to a small petty shop and asked for the peanut candy bar, which was too big for her to eat, still she tried to finish it but couldn’t, so she tucked it in her long skirt and went home to play, but did not venture inside, then her mother saw her asked her to, come in, said there was a quarter here, I had kept for the milk man, u must be the one who has taken it, as none of the children home and no outsider knows this place, so tell me the truth, but my mother kept saying it was not me, then patti pulled down her skirt with a force and out came the peanut candy with a thud on the floor.
    Patti asked now tell me where did this come from?? she never told a word, so patti was furious went inside got a broom from the back yard and turned it and whacked mother like never before, being a very fair child the marks turned black & blue, and she cried so much, she also asked patti to give her the candy as she has been beaten up only for that, here patti got furious for this audacity and refused, and put the candy on top shelf, mother was crying all along when the brothers arrived all 5 of them.
    One brother who was very close to her said who hit u rajam tell me I will blast the daylight of him, come on and mother was unable to say it was patti, so kept quite for sometime, then said among sobs “it was my mistake,” I took the quarter on the sill to get some candy, and mother beat me up so badly she showed him the hip which had turned blue in hue, he was very angry.
    He held her hand and went to patti, asking her, ma! is this the way u beat for a quarter? The minute he said that patti went wild said I will take the same broom if u support her, so my mother went out and sat on the cement bench out side and all were talking about the episode and laughing. She was very upset so never bothered going in. It was around 8.30pm and then thatha came took her along gave her some dinner and a piece of peanut candy, asking her not to steal, like today u take it from your house later u may feel u want to steal and u will steal from others… which will land u in greater trouble…she went to sleep with the candy in her hand…..regards sunkan
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  2. mums

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    Hilarious post dear.

    I cant stop laughing at the incident, when Patti comes with broomstick!!!!

    I have heard that a rupee was a lot during those days........but never had an idea that quarter lead to so many incidents.

    We younger generation should learn a lot about importance of money and difficulty in earning it.

    Keep sharing ur chain of action and reaction with us dear.

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