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    The Secret

    For years I've searched for the secret to entrepreneurial

    What is it that enables entrepreneurs to identify
    opportunities that the rest of us overlook? And how are they
    able to transform those opportunities into success, often
    with little or no money of their own to start?

    Curiosity, imagination, creativity, drive and determination,
    passion, persistence and a positive attitude applied to a
    solution oriented mindset are all essential attributes of a
    successful entrepreneur.

    Yet there is one simple yet profound premise from which all
    other success habits stem, the basis from which all things
    become possible.

    It's a universal law and the basic premise from which all
    entrepreneurs operate. It's a simple secret that holds the
    key to personal and professional mastery.

    It's the law of cause and effect.

    Understanding and (accepting) the law of cause and effect
    forces us to take responsibility for our circumstances. It
    forces us to realize that we are where we are as the result
    of the choices we made, choices that may have been limited
    by our knowledge and understanding, but choices we've made

    Our success is the sum of our knowledge and our effort. Once
    we realize that our circumstances are the result of our
    knowledge and our efforts, an awakening occurs. Once we
    accept this self-evident truth, all things become possible.

    With different knowledge and new behavior, we'll get
    different results.

    Curiosity and creativity, innovation and initiative, passion
    and persistence, drive and determination and a positive
    attitude, characteristics essential to success, are all
    natural outcomes that stem from this basic premise.

    The law of cause and effect forces us to stop complaining
    about changes in the marketplace, the economy or the
    increasing demands from customers, clients or the boss. It
    forces us to separate the things we can change from those we

    Stop wasting precious time, energy and resources focusing on
    the things over which you have no control. Don't buy into
    magical thinking. Don't allow yourself the luxury of
    complaining. Don't become a prisoner of the past. Don't
    blame others.

    Focus instead on solving problems. Harness your innate
    creativity and imagination towards possibilities and
    potential rather than liabilities and limitations.

    Increase your learning velocity. Push the limits of what you
    think you are capable of. Take what you have and find a way
    to make it work. That's what entrepreneurs do.

    And remember the secret - If you do what you've always done,
    you're likely to get what you've always gotten.
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    A nice motivational post dear Cheer......Thanks......

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