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Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by naafiyaparvez, Mar 18, 2007.

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    Hello All Ammas

    I need help in deciding about my career, i graduated with BBA and i got married soon after, i
    left India and went to South America, There i did certificate courses on Design Applications like Photoshop,
    illustrator, coreldraw and also learnt coding using HTML and CSS.... and i found a employer who hired me as a
    junior designer....
    i was very interested in that field and did some very good projects......but now My hubby is planning to move to USA (in 6 months)

    i have decided to do a PG thru distance education.....this is where the confusion comes.....

    Being a Business Admin graduate should i take up MBA??? if yes?? what are the possibilities of me finding a job in US??

    also i will not have any experience in the Business Admin field......or if i have to take Design as my master's ...will i be eligible???
    as i have a completely different background....or should i again do a bachelor's??? in Design?? as i would need atleast a degree
    in US for Design field.

    I am all confused between this two option.....also may i request details on universities that offer PG in design or UG in design

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    What did you decide??
    which one did you take up? what are you doing right now?

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