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Car Thieves-bay Area

Discussion in 'Indians in Bay Area' started by Vedhavalli, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. Vedhavalli

    Vedhavalli Platinum IL'ite

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    Yesterday me & friends went to a local shopping mall, she learnt driving recently we were so happy to go out after a long time.
    We went by 11 am, shopping lunch, we were walking towards parking lot , it's daylight big parking lot with many cars. We both saw 2 men attempting to open the car, one was beneath the car. We shouted and called 911.
    Both sped away in foot, I believe they had a partner in a vehicle somewhere near.
    In the tense moments I couldn't take a video or pic, to give to cops.
    They damaged car don't know what they did had to tow.
    we made sure we locked the car, no purse, coins, any valuables inside the car.
    Still they attempted to steal.
    While talking to cops we heard people stealing catalytic converter of Toyota cars.
    Not to stereotype most Asians and desis drive Toyota or any reliable vehicle in long run.
    How to prevent & protect auto theft.
    Is there any sensor to alert?
    Any chain kind of equipment to lock the car wheels and steering wheel.
    Pls share.
    What we can do?

  2. SuiDhaaga

    SuiDhaaga IL Hall of Fame

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    This is very disturbing. Honestly I'm not sure what you could have done differently.

    Years ago I had Toyota and someone in rental complex stole by newly registered car plates. It was impossible to reach police. I ended up having to go to DMV and Home Depot to get new plates and screws.

    I've heard that crime has gotten worse and criminals more brazen. Thank goodness these monsters did not harm your or your friend!

    I hope you are compensated for your loss.
  3. peartree

    peartree Platinum IL'ite

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    Toyota Prius seems to be the target cars for many people to steal catalytic converters. My cousin had it stolen from her car twice and this then forced them to clear their garage and start parking inside!

    There are mechanics that can fix some sort of cover for the catalytic converters that costs a couple of hundred bucks. I recently heard that Honda Odyssey minivans are also susceptible to CC thefts. We park our on the driveway, very close to the garage door and have sensor lights on the outside, hoping that if someone does come to steal it, they will just find it difficult to access the underneath of the car and the light will scare them away!

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