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Can working women save money for her future needs seperately?

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by sadhana, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. sadhana

    sadhana Guest

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the reply to my previous posts. All ur suggestions were very helpful :)

    One more Q. I am working now but may discontinue later if situation demands. My husband is a person who stresses on savings and does not like to spend much. We now save together for our future in a common savings.

    Right now I cater my personal needs from my money and he never questions me about that. I want to save money for my future needs also because I dont want to ask money from my husband when I am not working. My husband is quite supportive by nature but I feel delicate to depend on him for my personal needs since I have been independant till this time.

    My problem is he is getting hurt if I speak of saving for my future needs seperately. He asks me how long would I be able to go with that savings and anyway I have to depend on him sometime.

    What he says is true but I dont feel anything wrng in this. Basically I dont want to pester him for small things in future. And since my husband does not like spending much I am sure of getting hurt in future if he questions me when i ask him money. This reason I cannot tell him since he will get more offended.

    Am I right or wrong?..If i am right how can I convince him without offending him?:icon_frown:


  2. Meeta

    Meeta Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Sadhana,
    I don't know about the monetary status of your family. If you both have no significant saving for your future now, then, whatever your husband is doing is just good for you both because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, I wish everything should be good, but as human being, its our duty to prepare ourselves for the worst.
    I beleive that live today as if its the best day in your life but at the same time prepare yourselves for tomorrow as if its going to be the worst day of your life, this way you will never have to suffer or repent. And you will find yourself always ready to face all the odds. About money, I am not saying its everything, but still without money you are nothing.
    I understand the typical mindset of a newly wed who wants every happiness and you know everything costs a good buck. Now think about the mindset of a man, after marriage they feel responsible about a new life, they wanted to give you everything always, so they spend little today and store some for the future, so that when you will need something in future, they will be ready to provide you with that.
    Your husband is a nice person who beleives in good management of money.
    You said that you will be dependent on him once you leave your job, but how?
    He is your husband and you are his duty and vice versa, if you need something from him, its not that you are dependent or same applies with him also.
    Why to save for yourself alone, are you not sure about the stability of your relationship, I am pointing this fact because it came suddenly to my mind after reading your post, so dear think again, it can also come to your husband's mind and he may feel bad.
    Just keep yourself in your husband's position and think if he will ask for the same, how will you feel, he may loose his job and are you going to feel bad giving him money.
    I am not saying anything bad for you, just trying to put my things before you, so please don't get any negative thoughts about my words.
    Also, one more important thing, husbands has no idea how important a lipstick or a eye-liner is for a lady because he never felt its importance, so you need to tell him the need of that......just kidding.........
    Don't think so much, you are newly wed, go out, and enjoy, you really don't have to go to a five-star dinner, you can arrange a romantic candle light dinner even on your terrace, just two of you in the moonlight on golden beach........
    So, dear, simply don't stress yourself abt these silly stuff for sometime and take care.

  3. GPriya

    GPriya Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Sadhana,

    As your hubby is not a great spender, he saves good..right.. which is good for your future security.

    Now, when u give up your job, ask him for a packet money on a monthly basis and use this for all your personal expenses..it need not be huge amount, but some money monthly.. and u will use as and when u need anything from this amount and save the rest for any furture personal need. So that you don't have to bug your hubby for every little personal need.

    My hubby gives me some money and won't even bother what I will do with it and in the end, i will save from it and invest it in mutual funds to get good returns too.. and now with the dividend i get from my investment, i have even more money to spend. In fact, if i want to gift to a friend's kid for birthday or want to buy some stuff for my grandma, I will always use my packet money.
    Anyway, don't worry about offending your hubby bcos as a husband, he is responsible for your financial needs as long as you don't go overboard in your spending.
    I don't think any sensible husband would deny the financial need of the wife.

    Good Luck,
    :wave Geeth Priya
  4. yellowmango

    yellowmango IL Hall of Fame

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    Save together and have a joint account so that you don't have to ask for money for your expenses.
  5. Anitap

    Anitap IL Hall of Fame

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    Very old thread.
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