Can we post contents taken from other sites?

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    In most cases, the answer is no. is a site for sharing views, opinions, ideas, tips and suggestions, where the user herself generates the content. It is not a site for posting content obtained from other sites.

    When you are browsing the internet, you are bound to come across content that you believe will be interesting and useful to our members here. Before copying that content and posting at, please ensure that you are not violating the copyright requirements of the site that bears the original content.
    1. Some content is publicly available without copyright restrictions. You can post them as is.
    2. Some content owners don't mind you duplicating their content as long as you give due credit. Please give credit to the owner in your posting.
    3. Some content owners don't want you to duplicate their content, no matter what. Don't post such content.
    4. Please also read this for more about posting contents taken from other sites.
    If you find someone violating this inform the moderator by clicking on the [​IMG] at top right of the message.

    P.S - Please read Forum Etiquette for more information.
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