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Can spare time for Social Services

Discussion in 'Chennai' started by Skinny, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Skinny

    Skinny Guest

    I would like to get invovled in some kind of a social service esp.dealing with children but I have about two and half hours in the mornings when my son is at school.Mylapore and areas close to it would be ideal for me. I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest something.

  2. jyothinookula

    jyothinookula New IL'ite

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    my warm regards to u. not many are sourced with such noble thoughts. i am happy to introduce to u chennaisocialservice.com [CSS]

    i am a part of it and i completely enjoy it there. we r very different from others who just put things down and do not work. here we believe less in talking and more in working.

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