BVM School Chennai: Age cut off date. any experiences?

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    IAm Shanthi and have just registered myself in this site.
    I need advice.
    Iam in Chennai and my son is studying in Bala Vidya Mandir in Adyar. My daughter thereby gets automatic admission into that school. My daughter will be turning three on April 2 of 2008. The admission criteria for LKG in BVM is the child should turn 3 years by March 31.

    What I want to know is - Will the school allowing admission for June 2008 by excusing those two days. Or are they very particular about it? If anyone knows about this school can you guide me and advise how I should proceed. Is ther any way I can talk to the school and make sure they admit her by 2008?

    If the school does not allow admission this year, do you think it is wise for me to wait until next year and admit her in bala vidya mandir or put her in Shankara or some other school.

    Thanks a lot. Any advice is welcome.
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