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Butterfly Butterfly In The Sky, Why Do You Torment Me, Why, Why, Why

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Sep 28, 2021.

  1. SuiDhaaga

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    Elusive butterfly
    You fly in the sky
    You run from me
    Why why why

    All I want to do is
    Take you home
    I will give you your own space
    Where you can freely roam

    Butterfly you are so beautiful
    Butterfly you are so sweet
    Butterfly you are a delightful
    Visual treat

    Those who don’t know beauty
    Have never seen a butterfly
    Struggles for months and months
    As a lone caterpillar
    Then blossoms and runs

    Oh lovely butterfly
    When will I see you
    Oh lovely butterfly
    It is sheer tormenting
    That you do

    Alad I turn my back
    I have my k
    Own life
    I forget your radiance
    Gave my heart a sharp knife

    Lo and behold!
    What do I now see
    A whole bunch of butterflies
    Lounging in my garden
    Just for me

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