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"Building an MP3 Collection"

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Malini Iyer, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Most music fans are familiar with the MP3 (and soon to be launched MP4) format. If you listen to MP3s either on your portable device or on the computer, you might already know that most CD players also support the MP3 format. Considering the number of places where you can play your Hindi MP3 songs, it is time that you started building up a collection of your favourite Hindi MP3 songs. Not only is the collection good for your own entertainment, it can also affect your popularity in a popular way amongst friends and family.

    So where do you start? The interest in Hindi MP3 songs has morphed in recent years and there are number of resources which you can tap to get started on your Hindi MP3 songs collection. If you are still thinking Napster, we would advice you to do a REFRESH and see some of the new ways with which you can get Hindi MP3 music:

    Rapidshare: As the name suggests, Rapidshare is a new technology which allows you to share files with the entire Rapidshare community without any hassles. Some of the most popular Hindi MP3 song collections are available via Rapidshare. There is a small charge which you might incur for becoming active on this community, but once you are on, it is just your motivation and bandwidth which governs the growth of your Hindi MP3 collection!

    Beg, Borrow, or Steal: If technology is not the right solution for your requirement and you have a bandwidth restriction, despair not. There are other solutions which help you get what you want.You might not be very interested in downloading stuff and then transferring on to a device …. Then you can always try free loading! I am not being funny here. Everyone has friends who have good Hindi MP3 collections. You can latch on to one such friend and make sure that he gives you the collection even if you have to physically sit on him to get the CDs.

    Hindi MP3 songs can be found even on regular internet sites and Google can provide a good list of sites to download from. If you are working in an IT company or a BPO outfit then you can find a complete treasure trove in the PCs there. Sharing Hindi MP3 songs on portable devices is also quite common.
    The last option which is available to you for getting a good collection of Hindi MP3 songs is to actually buy Hindi song CDs which are easily available in most music stores. I know this means doling out some cash but in the end, this is probably an effective and a hassle-free method to get a good Hindi MP3 song collection.

    Hindi MP3s can also be downloaded from mobile phone portals and what have you. I am sure there are at least five more sources where you can get MP3s and I might not even be aware of them! In all the above choices, you want to first have a clear understanding of the copyright requirements before downloading any Hindi MP3 song.

    The rage of MP3s is most common amongst teenagers but oldies like us who still prefer an AR Rahman to Puff Daddy can start shopping for our own MP3 collection
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    thank u

    Dear Laxmi
    www.cooltoad.com is a very good website for downloading MP3 music. I've started downloading my favs.

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