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Broken But Not Forgotten

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 23, 2021.

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    My dreams were huge and vast
    When I shook all fears
    And set foot on this brave
    New land

    Never have I seen such beauty
    Never have I seen such fun
    Never have I seen such respect
    Respect for each and everyone

    I had dreams I would
    Make it to the top

    I had dreams I would
    Never never stop

    I had dreams I would
    Build my own train

    I had dreams I would
    Charter my own
    Luxury plane

    So many dreams
    Yet decades later
    Where did it go?

    Was it buried under
    A big pile
    Perhaps a heap
    Of snow

    I see reruns of yesteryears
    I sit in my living room
    And cry silent tears

    Where did the time go
    What did I do
    Why did I always taunt
    "Nya nya nya I am
    So much better than you?"

    What was my life about
    What was the point
    Did I ever do anything of value
    Other than avoid living with
    A family that is joint

    Where can I go from here
    What can I do
    Or is this where the journey stops
    Too bad, Boo hoo?

    Things from the past
    Makes you reminisce
    It makes you think
    "What if"
    "What if"
    "What if"

    Things from the past
    Make you realize
    People are no more
    You can no longer
    Use them as benchmarks
    To keep score

    So where do we go from here
    How can we improve
    Or in our frail twilight years
    Is it time for our
    Spirit, however imperfect
    To move?

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