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body odour

Discussion in 'Nature Cure' started by vidyasundar, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. vidyasundar

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    <TABLE class="Text Black" id=Table3 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%">Body Odor And Perspiration Definition

    <TD class=DefinitionText style="LINE-HEIGHT: 25px" colSpan=100>Perspiration, also known as sweat, is a salty fluid excreted from the sweat glands. When sweating the body looses salty fluid.
    Body odor, also called Bromhidrosis, is the smell of sweat and the bacteria that is growing on the body. The body odor is unique to every individual. The body odor is influenced by: gender, diet, health, genes, stress, weather, medication, occupation, and more. <!-- google_ad_section_end --> Home Remedies For Body And Perspiration

    How to Cure Body Odor And Perspiration with Natural Treatments

    <TABLE class=Text align=left><TD align=left>
    • Drink one cup of tomato juice everyday for 1 week. The following week, Drink 1 cup of the juice, every other day. Then drink when needed.<LI class=LightGrayBG>Spray deodorant or talc after shower. Take shower twice a day.
    • Scrub your body with some chamomile oil<LI class=LightGrayBG>Soak cotton wool pads in backing soda and powder the underarms.
    • Apply apple cider vinegar to eliminate under arm body odor.<LI class=LightGrayBG>Mexican med for body odor:Mix some baking soda with lemon juice. Rub mixture on underarms.
    • Use baby wipes to clean the underarms.<LI class=LightGrayBG>Apply some lemon juice on underarms after you get out of the shower to prevent the body odor.
    • Put 10 drops of the essential oil in 30 mm of water and apply on the underarms.
    • Slice a potato and wipe it under each clean and dry underarm a few times. Wait for it to dry and then apply deodorant.

  2. samba

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    hi all,
    u can try this also. Take a real sandalwood and put some lemon drops on a stone and make it as a paste by rubbing the wood on the lemon drops.Apply this paste in underarms immediately after bathing. For the full day there wont be any odour........:)

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