Body language is no Rocket science!!

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    In our daily life v meet so many ppl and talk so many things.But yes v r always curious to knw wat tat other person ws actually thinking about u....i say if u apply a little common sense then u can decode it...wanna try it?
    ok lets start

    1) u r sitting in a party wid ur frens and theres tis new person who comes n sits next to u, u talk to tat person and want to be friends but does tat person wants to be ur fren too?
    hmmm not so tricky...jst look at tat person's legs if they r pointing towards u then u knw tat person wants to talk to u.I hv seen it many times tat ppl sitting next to u..hv their face turned to away frm u bt their legs or say knees r actually pointing towards u.These r ppl who would like to talk n communicate more with u n ultimately by d end of d party such ppl r turn into ur frens.

    2) When u r talking to someone n u happen to tell tat person some joke...n after cracking the joke u go HAHAHA bt u r not sure if d other person too enjoyed ur joke.I knw it becomes very awkward specially if the other person is somebody like ur BOSS hihihi...i am sure it happens to many try tis
    if after d joke tat person actually gets wrinkles around the eyes while smiling,tats a very genuine smile, then tat person actually liked ur jokes.But if it ws just their lips tat showed signs of smile then u knw ur joke ws a joke only for u :)
    Actually whenever u r wid ppl who hv "lot of attitude" then pls dnt even try joking wid them...y do u want embarrass urself :)

    3)I am sure u mst hv noticed ppl touching their nose or clearing their throat when u r telling them something bout urself.
    Let me tell u clearing the throat is clear sign tat they want to ask u or say something to u but after a second thought they decide not to ask u tat.Well touching their nose usually has many interpretations.Bt frm wat i hv noticed is tat if u r talking of something n the other person ends up touching his nose again n again it means they r clearly not comfortable with wat u r telling them.n if they touch their nose when they r telling u something then again it is something they r not telling comfortably.May b tat means they r its only a "may b". its also possible tat they r worried hw u'll react to wat they hv told u...its also a sign of getting conscious..
    hmmm well tats jst few tips ..i jst want u to try it for urself...n yes do tell me ur interpretations :)

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