Bloked fallopian tubes and sonohystogram is smae... does my doc is taking in right wy

Discussion in 'Fertility & Trying to Conceive' started by injustice, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hello ladies..
    Atlast i found my doc after 3montsh

    This new doc said, that he do sonohistogram, and asked me to come on 3rd day of my periods.
    What is it?
    Is that he doing correct?
    he put me on regular metformin where my previous doc put me on extended release metformin.
    i already had insulin test , at my previous doc.
    After doign this sono test
    will there is any benifit.
    why i am gettign doubt onthis doc
    My husband had SA test feb 2011 with previous doc.
    This doc asking again my husband to get it done again only 2months back we had test, is he asking for money he refered same lab too
    he knwo that SA will not cover in insurance even though he is asking now.
    nway please giude me ....good nes is wiht out tabs i am on periods after 4motnhs...this time.but i mised my IC
    today is 14th ...howlong we should be in IC

    please guide me girls i dontwant to miss this oppurtunity..we are not Ic from many months as we are getting so bore if it... i feel every night i dont ovulate wht use of Ic. this makesme no Ic
    even i try to be happy whole day but at that point i become so dull

    wht to do.

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    Re: Bloked fallopian tubes and sonohystogram is smae... does my doc is taking in righ

    Hi Injustice,
    Are you planning to take any infertility treatment??
    Usually when you visit new hospital/clinic/doctor they will do a seperate complete test.Thats normal.SA is usually one of the first tests done to help determine whether a man has a problem or not.So dont worry.Trust your doctor.

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