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Blenders in UK for South Indian cooking

Discussion in 'Indians in the UK' started by vinu, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. vinu

    vinu Junior IL'ite

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    Would anyone be able to help me with the information about the blender available in UK that is most suitable for South Indian cooking?

    I am looking for the one suitable for grinding idli/dosa batter, chutneys and some masala powders (like channa dal powder, chilli powder, etc.)



  2. Vidya24

    Vidya24 Gold IL'ite

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    Hi Vinu,

    I lived in London for a few years and made a mistake of not bringing a mixie from Trivandrum.

    Till you can get one from India, the cheap and best bet is to buy a Moulinex mixie with liquid blender and dry grinder. I bought mine from Argos and it lasted me more than 6 years. in 1998, I paid 20 pounds for it. If there is any defect, you can return it within six months (with the original receipt) and get a replacement.

    I used to grind for idli, dosai, make milagai podi etc- do everything with this mixie. It is very functional.

    Another option is to go to Indian/ Sri Lankan areas like Alperton, Wembley or Harrow and try to get Indian brands like Sumeet etc. Could be a little more expensive than India. But someone told me, that Sumeet abroad is better quality than Sumeet in India. Because though the manufacturer is the same, you get export quality abroad.

    I do not believe this version, still you can have a look.

    Best of luck

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