Bicycle Ride Malady & Remedy

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    Exercise in general is supposed to be good. But for whom? Those who do it in safe environment such as gym or within the room with bicycle on rear stand. On the Indian metro roads it is unsafe during rush hours. Early mornings it is ok in ozone mixed air.

    Sidewalks eaten by the roads and roads are filled with bumper to bumper by vehicles in various shapes. There are no separate track for cyclists in the highly populated industrial cities like Chennai. Pune in India was said to be a contrast. Even if some manage cycling through this dense traffic, it is through a carbon dioxide filled roads to height of five feet. The cyclists and bikers breath more carbon di oxide than fresh air. More cycles seen in circus than on the road.

    There was a piece of humour by Bangalurian in IL . IT WAS about she & her sister learning riding a bicycle while boys in the street watching there struggle. Munde hogu?

    Am unable to get that thread. It was FP for the month posted. Some one can help me. My efforts with google proved futile.
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