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Better use of money...Team India Felicitation

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by priyauc, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. priyauc

    priyauc Bronze IL'ite

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    Dear ilites,
    Have been watching the felicitation ceremony of team india , am sure many of you did so too. They are well deserved of all the respect they have received but I think we Indians are a little strange, we felicitate them and ,make them superheroes and larger than life idols:thumbsup when they win a match or series but if they lose we throw them down in the dumps and literally shun them.:bang
    The point i want to raise here is the government or airlines etc are giving away so many benefits and cash and flats to each player, spending so much money and resources on the team, just beacuse they have won a worldcup after 24 years....dont misunderstand, i am an ardent fan of cricket!!!'I wish people would use those resources, and money to help the underpriveleged, destitute or orphans who are actually in need of homes, food , clothes , education etc. our cricketers have more than enough....but still they are being given away flats, cash prizes free air passage with family. why dont people use all these resources to make the underpriveleged happy and lead a better life. its really true"the rich get richer and the poor , get poorer". The same goes for the bollywood, they spend so much money on all sorts of award functions, but they wont give away a little to the needy. If they would open up a school with all the money they spent on award functions they would do good to so many.I wish our country could realise all this and make better use of the resouces. At least we would not have so much poverty , crime, uneducated, beggars and homeless people around.

  2. asharao

    asharao Senior IL'ite

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    Hi! Priyu,

    I agree with you.I also wonder why the Indian Ladies Cricket team doesn't get so much of popularity in spite of being the second best side.Also the other spots like hockey,etc which can be boosted up has had no impotance as well.It's really unfortunate.


  3. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    hello priyu

    now the hockey goes a fasting
    in front of cm's house
    demanding the same
    as crickets players
    but what to do
    hockey, football(slightly better)
    tennis or whatever
    gets little attention
    like cricket...
    time is lost in offices
    munches replace lunches
    visitors take a seating
    to watch those moments
    nail biting....
    sure the last match was
    too good to miss
    if he had a sixer
    we would gone a wiser
    and come home all cries eh?

    cricketers or any other lucky individual rarely look up the poverty angle...now how many cricketers name did you see on the ptsunami donators list...ya some played a game...but nothing like donating their prize money...oh come on ...


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