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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Anjelin, Jan 17, 2020.

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    After a two-month break,

    I was thrilled to be there.

    Seeing me coming from far,

    I could sense the same

    excitement in her,

    The eagerness to meet me

    with a warm embrace.

    Nothing changed since we last met,

    As always, she was vigorous and alluring.

    Nature had set up the stage for our meet,

    With a stunning view of the sunset,

    accompanied by the cool and salty breeze.

    Whatever mood I bring to her,

    She can calm and relax me,

    Placidly I must just listen to her.

    She cleanses my mind wholly.

    The feeling is purely magical,

    and the healing so mystical.

    With her I lose the sense of time.

    With heavy heart I bid her goodbye,

    As I return rejuvenated.

    A day spent in a beach is well spent!

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