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    Hi friends...

    Iam a mother of 2 children and we are now trying to move out of Dubai this April.. Can any one please suggest me about good CBSE schools in Bangalore and the Admission procedures.. we are really confused by seeing the amount of schools and their business line. please help me to find a good one focussing on individual attention and training. My fist child has to get admission in Std VI and second child in UKG. how is the general standard of schools in bangalore. pls guide me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sajita:

    If you have decided where you are going to be residing, it will help in the selection of the school.

    North Bangalore :

    Delhi Public school, Vidya Niketan - this probably is an ICSE school. There are quite a few Kedriya Vidyalayas in this area.

    East :

    National Public school (NPS) - Indira Nagar. Another school which is really good - Sishu Griha but I'm not sure about the board - might be ICSE.


    NPS - Rajajinagar. National Academy for Learning - Basavaveshawara Nagar, National Hill View Public school (Franchise of NPS) Rajarajeswari Nagar.

    South :

    Delhi Public school, Jyothi Vidya Kendra, Sri Kumaran's Children' Home school and Rishi valley school (does not have concept of exams up until Vth std. & not sure about the board).

    Koramangala - NPS, Gear Foundation (off Outer ring road).

    Of these, Delhi Public school (North), Sri Kumaran's and NPS (Rajajinagar) had featured in the Outlook magazine survey a few years ago as the top schools in Bangalore.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Sindu for posting this information.
    This is very usefull.
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    Hi Sindhu...

    Thanks a lot, it is really helpful. How about Freedom International and Kensri? Heard that Admissions are open. Also pls tell me about the Deans Academy. All are CBSE.
    Getting Admissions to NPS I think is really tough. We are planning to reside where we get the Admission. Pls guide me.

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    1. A M C School
    18th Km, Bannerghatta National Park Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka,
    Phone No: 080-56987028

    2. A.S.C Public School
    A.S.C Centre South,
    Agaram Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560007
    Phone No: 080-5550677

    3. Air Force School
    Murugeshpalayam Camp,
    Vimanapura Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017
    Phone No: 080-5272332

    4. Air Force School
    A.F.S Yelahanka,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560063
    Phone No: 080-8460351

    5. Air Force School
    J C Nagar, Hebbal,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560006
    Phone No: 080-3094393

    6. Air Force School
    Jalahalli East,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560014
    Phone No: 080-8397641

    7. Amara Jyothi Public School
    Basavanapura Main Road,
    Devasandra, K R Puram,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560003
    Phone No: 080-25612555

    8. Anand Shiksha Kendra
    Kaikondanahalli, Belandur Gate,
    Carmelram Post, Sarjapur Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560035
    Phone No: 080-41688547

    9. Army Public School
    Abdul Hamid Barracks,
    K Kamaraj Road,
    Bangalore Karnataka - 560042
    Phone No: 080-5591999

    10. B B U L Jain
    Vidyalaya 84, K.R. Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560004
    Phone No: 080-6624035

    11. B E L School
    M E S Road, Jalahalli,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560013
    Phone No: 080-22195682

    12. Bangalore Military School
    Post Box No.2500, Richmond Town P.O,
    Hosur Road, Near Sholay Circle,
    Bangalore, Karnataka, 560025
    Phone No: 080 ,5554972

    13. BEML Public School
    Shishya BEML Township,
    New Thippasandra,
    Bangalore Karnataka - 560075
    Phone No: 080-5230959

    14. Bgs International School
    Nithyananda Nagara Branch,
    K Gollahalli Post,
    Bangalore South, Karnataka - 560060
    Phone No: 080-8437651

    15. Brigade PSBB School
    J P Nagar 7th Phase,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560078
    Phone No: 080-57602626

    16. BVB's Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan
    No.38/1/41 Ramagundanahalli,
    Yelahanka New Town,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560064
    Phone No: 080-8564004

    17. Cambridge Public School
    Rajarajeshwari Nagar,
    Mahadeswara Ngr 2nd Stage,
    Channapatna Rural Distt,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 571501
    Phone No: 080-27255445

    18. CMR Jnanadhara School
    2079 2nd Main Road,
    Banaswadi Layout,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560084
    Phone No: 080-5440693

    19. Delhi Public School
    11 KM, Kankapura Road,
    Bikaspura Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062
    Phone No: 080-6668582

    20. Delhi Public School
    35/1a Satanur Village, Jalahobli,
    Bangalore North Taluk,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 562149
    Phone No: 080-8478041

    21. Deva Matha Central School
    H R B R, Banaswadi,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560043
    Phone No: 080-25458180

    22. Florence Public School
    J P Nagar, Kanakapura Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560078
    Phone No: 080-26345959

    23. Freedom International School
    Ca - 33, Sector IV, KSR Layout,
    Bangalore - 560102
    Phone No: 080-25729836

    24. Gear Innovative International School
    175 Dodda Kennelli,
    Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560035
    Phone No: 080-28440919

    25. Geetanjali Vidyalaya
    Sy No 14/3, Near Narayan Guru Matt,
    C V Raman Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560093
    Phone No: 80-25272351

    26. HAL Public School
    Suranjandass Road,
    Opp HAL Staff College,
    Vimana Pura,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017
    Phone No: 080-5270702

    27. I T I Central School
    Vidya Mandir Campus,
    Dooravani Nagar,
    ITI Township, A – Area,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560016
    Phone No: 080-2503867

    28. J E T School
    Homplagatta Crossing,
    Hosur Main Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka

    29. J S S Public School
    No:31, 15th Main, 22nd Cross,
    Banashankari 2nd Stage,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560070
    Phone No: 080-6717522

    30. Jain International Residential School
    Jakkasandra Po,
    Kanakapura Raod,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 562112
    Phone No: 08117-52401

    31. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
    Bashettihalli Post,
    Bangalore Rural District,
    Karnataka - 561203
    Phone No: 08119-23364

    32. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
    Vidya Nagar,
    Bangalore Urban District,
    Karnataka - 562157
    Phone No: 080-846737

    33. Jnana Vijnana Vidya Peetha
    No 13, 11th Main, 6th Cross,
    R K Layout, Padmanabha Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560070
    Phone No: 080-26393682

    34. Jnanodaya School
    Shankara Math Compound,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560004
    Phone No: 080-6500524

    35. JSS Public School
    No 283, 5th Cross, 12th Main,
    V Sector HSR Layout,
    Bangalore, Karnataka -560034
    Phone No: 080-57661387

    36. JSS Public School
    HBR Layout,
    Next To New BDA Complex,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560043
    Phone No: 080-56771836

    37. Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya
    Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560078
    Phone No: 080-6340037

    38. K L E Society School
    S Nijalinagapna College Campus,
    II Block, Rajajinagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560010
    Phone No: 080-23429807

    39. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    A.S.C.Centre South,
    Victoria Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560047
    Phone No: 080-5300408

    40. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    M E G & Centre,
    St. Johns Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560042
    Phone No: 080-5365053

    41. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    Sadhashivnagar Post, Hebbal,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560080
    Phone No: 080-3412491

    42. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    18th Cross, Margos Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560055
    Phone No: 080-3341454

    43. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    Indian Institute Of Science,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560012
    Phone No: 080-3371316

    44. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    A F Station,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560063
    Phone No: 080-8462075

    45. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    NAL Campus, Vimanpura Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017
    Phone No: 080-5275473

    46. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560064
    Phone No: 080-8460979

    47. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    M G Railway Colony,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560023
    Phone No: 080-3357282

    48. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    No.1 AFS Jalahalli West,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560015
    Phone No: 080-8396752

    49. Kendriya Vidyalaya
    No.2 A.F.S. Jalahalli East,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560014
    Phone No: 080-28389700

    50. Kensuri School
    1348/444A, Mariya Street,
    Nest to James Mariyonna Palya,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560024
    Phone No: 080-23533528

    51. Lake Montfort School
    K S Halli, Virgonagar Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560049
    Phone No: 080-8472666

    52. Maitry Vidya Niketan
    NRI Layout,
    Kalkere Main Road, Rqmamurthy Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560016

    53. Mark Global School,
    Mark Hills, Post Box No. 8320,
    Bannerghatta (Po), Anekal,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560083

    54. Milind Public School
    Spoorthidhama, Anjananagar,
    Magadi Main Road, Vishwaneedam Post,
    Bangalore - 560391
    Phone No: 080-23287943

    55. National Academy For Learning
    III Cross, III Stage, III Block,
    Basweshwar Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560079
    Phone No: 080-3239281

    56. National Hill View Public School
    Ideal Home Township,
    Rajarajeshwari Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560098
    Phone No: 080-8602487

    57. National Public School
    National Games Village Complex,
    80 Ft Road, Koramangla,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560047
    Phone No: 080-5705171

    58. National Public School
    1036-A Purandharapura
    5th Block Rajaji Nagar
    Bangalore Karnataka ,560010
    Phone No: 080 ,3350361
    Email: Npsrnr@Blr.Vsnl.Net.In

    59. National Public School
    12-A Main Road, H A L II-Stage,
    Indira Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560008
    Phone No: 080-5280611

    60. Navkis Education
    Centre Gokula,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560054

    61. Nehru Smaraka Vidyalaya
    244/C ,7th Block, Jayanagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560082
    Phone No: 080-26649311

    62. Parachute Regiment School
    Near Mekhri Circle, J C Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560006
    Phone No: 080-3433341

    63. Pavithra High School
    HMR Nagar, Medarahalli,
    Chikkabanavara Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560090
    Phone No: 080-28389377

    64. Poorna Smrithi Public School
    R L Bande Road,
    Behind Housing Board, Sharunpur,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560032
    Phone No: 080-23540854

    65. Presidency School
    Sy No 80/2 80/3 82/2 82/3, Belekahalli,
    Off Bannergatta Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560076
    Phone No: 080-23636173

    66. Rashtrothana Vidya Kendra
    115, Thanisandra Main Road,
    Arkavathy Layout,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560045
    Phone No: 080-28465972

    67. Rishi Samskruti Vidyashale
    Gramine Shake, Rishi Kshetra,
    Bangalore Rural District,
    Karnataka - 562121
    Phone No: 080-7571325

    68. Royale Concorde International School
    6th Main Road, II Block,
    HRBR Layout, Kalya Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560043
    Phone No: 080-57733175

    69. S G International School
    8th Main, Saraswathipuram,
    Mahalaxmi Layout,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560086
    Phone No: 080-23497428

    70. Saandipini High Tech School
    No. Ring Road Nagadevanahalli,
    Jananabharathi Po,
    Bangalore, Karnataka 560056
    Phone No: 080-57676427

    71. Sharda Vidya Mandira
    Ayyappa Swami Temple Road,
    Kadugudi, Bangalore, - 560067
    Phone No: 080-28451608

    72. Sharda Vidya Niketan Public School
    No. 14, Sharda Hills, Hesara Gatta Road,
    Near M S Palya Circle, Vidyaranyapura,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560094
    Phone No: 080-5771422

    73. Shree Ram Public School
    V Gardens, h Chikkabidarakallu,
    Nagasandra Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560073
    Phone No: 080-55386480

    74. Silicon City Public School
    No 3 H Colony, Ist Stage,
    Indira Nagar,
    Bangalore Karntaka - 560038
    Phone No: 080-25219961

    75. Silicon City Public School
    Kumar Nursery,
    New Bank Colony, Konanakunte,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062
    Phone No: 080-26323953

    76. Sindhi High School
    Kempapura, Hebbal,
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Phone No: 080-2282161

    77. Sindhi High School
    10/7, Kumara Krupa Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560001
    Phone No: 080-2261509

    78. Sree Ayyappa Education Centre
    9/15, Medarhalli, Chikkabanavara,
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Phone No: 080-28341634

    79. Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
    13-A, Main Road, 22nd Cross,
    Banashankari II- Stage,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560070
    Phone No: 080-6716666

    80. Sri Devaraj Urs Internatonal Residential School
    Dharagajogi Halli, Kodigahalli Post,
    Bangalore Rural District,
    Karnataka - 561203
    Phone No: 080-7670521

    81. Sri Jnanakshi Vidya Niketan
    Survey No 248, Halagevadershali,
    Kengri Hobli, Sri Raj Rajeshwari Vidya Niketan,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560039

    82. Sri Kumaran Childrens Home English School
    No.28/4, House List No.140,
    Doddakallasandra, Kanakapura Road, Uttarahalli,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062
    Phone No: 080-6643077

    83. Sri Rama Vidyalaya
    103/2, Jakkur Layout,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560064
    Phone No: 080-3637720

    84. Sri Siddaganga Higher Primary School
    DCA, Site No 1, Ist Stage, II Phase,
    Chandra Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka
    Phone No: 0816-2282211

    85. Srivani Education Centre School
    No 143, Hanumavana Machohalli,
    Bapagram Post, Magadi Road,
    Bangalore - 560091

    86. The Oxford Senior Secondary School
    I-Phase, J P Nagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560078
    Phone No: 080-6635331, 6552501

    87. Vagdevi Vilas School
    No 77/2 3b, 4&5,
    Munelolalu Marathahalli Po,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560037

    88. Venkat International Public School
    5th Block, Rajajinagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka

    89. Venkat International Public School
    19/A/1913/2, KB Temple Street, 6th Street,
    Rajajinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560010
    Phone No: 080-23502735

    90. Vidya Vahini School
    Near Health Layout, Vishwaneedam Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560091
    Phone No: 080 ,55330222

    91. Vidyaniketan Public School
    961, 9th Cross, 13th Main,
    Ullal Upanagara,
    Bangalore, Karnataka - 560050
    Phone No: 080-3211364

    dear sajita,
    felt here all the phone no and some have emial id too hope this helps..sunkan
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    Hi sunkan..

    Thanks a lot for the information. Very happy to see that and I think it would be very useful. We have contacted to some schools and I would let u know their feedback. Let me pls know how Cluny Convent is? They are ICSE, but how is it, would be difficult to cope up? pls guide me..

    Appreciate your response,

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    Shri Vidya Niketan Scbool & Pre-University College

    <TD background=images/gray_dott.jpg height=35>Welcome to Shri Vidya Niketan School & Pre-University College <TD width=6 height=35>

    <TD background=images/gray_curve_line.jpg height=35>[​IMG]<TD vAlign=top height=150><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0><TD class=hometext width="66%">Shri Vidya Niketan School & Pre-University College(SVNSC) provides to meet the every child's need effectively. Through a challenging curriculum and an atmosphere that enhances experiential learning, students will strive for academic excellence, develop a love for learning and create a strong vision of the possiblities for their own futures. The students will be empowered to contribute these skills and talents to the need of our dynamic socity.
    The school follows the syllabus according to CBSE curriculum. Education is the greatest asset that a child can possess. Good education prepares a child to become a capable, competent and responsible member of the society. Character building and inculcation of the moral values is an essential part of a good education system at SVNSC. We endeavor to provide such an education system.

    <TABLE style="BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" borderColor=#c0c0c0 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=1><TD vAlign=top align=right width="17%">Address:<TD vAlign=top width="83%">No.724/9, Bilishivale,
    Dodda Gubbi Post,
    Bangalore - 562149.<TD vAlign=top align=right>Phone:91-080-65659041, 65659042, 32986197, 25472885<TD vAlign=top align=right>Mobil:<TD vAlign=top>9448082885, 9341766570, 9449826597<TD vAlign=top align=right>Email:<TD class=bodytext vAlign=top>,,
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    i have no idea sajita wish could help u here..sunkan
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    Hello Sajita,

    Cluny convent is ICSE syllabus. It will be a bit difficult for children used to CBSE syllabus.


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    Hi Sajita:

    Sorry for the late reply. Have no idea about the schools you have mentioned above. Sorry! Well, for NPS you can always give it a try since I presume your daughter is already studying in CBSE.

    Admissions as far as I know happen between October - December. So, right now is a good time to get in touch with the schools you are interested in since they will have an idea how many seats they can offer (with respect to transfers, etc). Most of them have web sites, so just check how it goes online.

    Cluny convent is quite good. But I am not sure if they encourage change of board. Again I am assuming your daughter is already studying the CBSE stream in Dubai.


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