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Baby fusses at breast

Discussion in 'Breast Feeding' started by Sahmaara, May 24, 2013.

  1. Sahmaara

    Sahmaara Bronze IL'ite

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    hi ILs,

    I have a problem where my 7 week old baby fusses and cries at the breast. My baby's weight did not increase initially so ped asked to give formula. He has been on formula for few weeks now. But I breastfeed him first and then give him formula. If he skips a feeding then I pump to compensate. This has been going on for a while and he had gained back good weight now.

    However, I want to go back to exclusive breastfeeding now. However, he fussed at the breast because he is used to the fast flow of nipple. Can anybody suggest me what to do if he fusses at the breast. I don't want to offer him bottle because he fusses. He seems hungry so I don't mind breastfeeding him for longer time (as breasts are never empty and the more i feed the more will be my milk production) but if he cries then due to family pressure I have to give him formula.

    Please help me what to do? Has anyone else experienced such situation? Has anyone gone back to exclusive breastfeeding after starting with formula feeding?

    Thanks ladies!​

  2. Dinny

    Dinny IL Hall of Fame

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    In the initial few days my baby was also little fussy infact there were times when i had to feed him while moving around...he used to hate it when i used to sit and feed him.weird...i know

    Now the reason behind baby refusing feed could be

    Baby-Centred Reasons
    Attachment problems
    Baby confused by bottle feeds
    Baby refusing one breast
    Recent vaccination
    Illness, e.g. a cold or earache, sore throat
    Feeding pattern is changing
    Introduction of other foods
    Overuse of a dummy
    The weather
    Discomfort associated with sucking
    Breast Refusal For Milk Supply Reasons

    Refusal For Milk Supply Reasons
    Fast flow
    Low supply
    Slow let-down

    Mother-centred reasons
    Overtired or overstressed
    Sick or taking prescribed or over the counter medications
    Unusual food in your diet
    You smell different for some reason ..e.g different perfume, deodorant, chlorine/salt from swimming, visit to hairdresser, smoke
    Hormonal changes
    Menstruation and pre-menstrual tension
    Oral contraceptives

    Now When managing a fussy feeder or a baby who is refusing to breastfeed, it is important to remain calm and patient while handling your baby gently. If you are both on edge try taking deep breathes similar to that which you may have used during labour or when trying to calm or meditate. The deep breathing helps slow your own breathing and make it more regular which can help calm everyone... concentrate on staying relaxed...use soothing music...rock your baby gently or carry him around in a sling. This relaxation will help your milk flow readily so your baby will get milk once he latches on.

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