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"Azhvaar "(Alwar)-Oh,God !

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Manjureddy, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Manjureddy

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    Ajith has a title that makes him a Star above Stars.
    One does not go to a Star's movie expecting to see "Apur Sansar-2" . Expect Masala. Get Masala. Paisa Vasool ! Thats the given credo. Ajit's last movie Varalaru delivered on that.
    With the slick,fast paced Varalaru fresh in memory, I decided to see Azhvaar, the next Thaley( Ajith's pet name) film. I went well prepared for a jolly ride in a Masala boat, but ended up being taken for royal ride in a garbage truck.

    I almost fell off the seat when our Thaley made the grand entry as Mahavishnu to the background score of mantra chanting ! I admit he looked as lovely as iconic NTR-garu in blue makeup, but whats with playing God in a modern story ?
    The actual "story" comes only at the tail end of the movie and is contained in exactly three scenes. Same old , tired tale. Bad guys massacre the family and hero takes revenge. While in all movies the storywriters defend the hero's murderous actions as "Justice", here they go really cosmic. They declare that anyone who takes the law into his hands and chops up antisocial baddies is actually God ! So our innocent Iyyangar Priest Azhvaar paints himself blue and paints the town red with villain blood. Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Narasimha keep popping up to finish off assorted rowdies like flies. Somewhere in the middle of all this blueness, our hero also dons a green mask of The Incredible Hulk. Really, folks, what are they taking us for ?
    Till that "story matter" arrives, the film keeps lurching from a permanantly scowling Ajith to an irritating Asin to a total washout comedy track (ayyo paavam, Achi Manorama !) with nothing sensible happening. The songs are no help at all.
    Talented, versatile boys like Bharath, Vishal, Jeeva are coming up : if big heroes do not take care, they are sure to be sidelined by the younger brigade.


    P.S. : In how many more movies are we going to see Asin in the same hairstyle, same dresses, same 3 expressions and same self-conscious cuteness ? Grow up, girl !
  2. sunitha

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    Dear Manju

    I saw 'Alwar' this weekend.It is a total disaster.I was also thinking the same way as you...if Ajith continues this way,he is surely going down,down,down:cry:

    It turned out to be a full fledged comedy.I liked 'Varalaaru' because of the excellent acting that Ajith did as a Bharathanatyam artiste.But this one was a total wash-out.Asin also irritated me.I think it is time 'Thala' takes things seriously and thinks with his thala before signing more movies.:bang

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