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    The Indian Tribes named Carib and Arawak who live in the caribbean islands and northern jungles of south america, in the countries of Guyana and Suriname use a syrup made from Cassava as a food preservative. This is called CASSAREEP. A dark brown, syruppy liquid with a bitter-sweet taste. And now this is available (bottled and exported from Guyana) in USA. Check Amazondotcom. Read label (watch out for non Cassava ingredients ).

    Vegetarians may use this syruppy thing like a Puliodara mix. Just mix with some rice and sesame oil + whatever else.

    Here is a generic meat recipe: 1. cut and wash into small cubes and pat dry (2) marinate as usual (3) brown meat in a skillet with a little bit of oil, and towards the end add a tablespoon (per Kg) of Cassareep into the skillet and mix well to coat the surface of the pieces. (4) Add water (and anything else you usually add to make stew) and bring the mix to boil, reduce heat to simmer; add salt to taste (5) Simmer till meat it tender (check with fork) (6) Let sit for a few hours (preferably 24) before serving. with rice or breads. No need to refrigerate if eaten within a couple of days.

    If you want a "specific" recipe, look up the Guyanese National Dish on youtube: The Pepper Pot

    Here is how Cassareep is made:
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