April Fools day Pranks!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Selvi, Apr 1, 2006.

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    Anyone planning to pull some pranks on ur loved ones??
    Found this in another website.. Try this out on ur family & friends !!! Enjoy ur April 1st..

    Of course, post ur experiences too..


    One year I made "cake" for dinner. It was actually meat loaf, baked in a cake pan, and "frosted" with pink mashed potatoes. The kids thought it was great! I'm not sure what kind of jokes to do this year on dh or the kids.

    Sarah Wrap the toilet seat under the ring...

    my favorite is tying a rubberband to the hose on the sink and when it turns on you get sprayed!!!

    Take the cream filling out of an Oreo and replace it with toothpaste.

    In Microsoft Word, use the Autocorrect feature to "correct" a commonly used word such as "the" by automatically inserting "April Fools' each time they type in the word "the"! It will drive them mad!

    If your DH has a non-ball mouse (the light type one) put a piece of masking tape over it so the mouse can't read anything different. It'll drive them nuts that the mouse died!

    Another good one is to rotate the picture on the monitor so it's upside down. Even the mouse works backwards.
    This should work on most computers...
    Right-click the desktop.
    Select Graphics Options.
    Select Graphics Properties.
    Click on the rotation tab.
    Check enable rotation.
    Select 180 degrees.
    Hit apply.

    Another fun one is to take a screenshot of the desktop and place it as the background pic. Move all of the real icons into one folder. The desktop will look normal, but you won't be able to click on anything. DH is an IT and I got him with this one...He couldn't figure out what was wrong. [​IMG]

    My Mom pulled a good one on me one year. In the morning when we were getting ready for school/work, she told me it was snowing. Now, we lived in upstate NY so it could very well have been snowing, but it happened to be a bright sunny day, and I was dressed for sub zero weather. She thought that was pretty funny.

    I did the old standby one time and had my DH believing that I was pg. I bought some little baby booties and put one of those "new dad" buttons on them. I got some blue and pink balloons and put them in the center of the table. The crazy thing was we had a 4 month old baby (our 3rd child) and my tubes had been tied! I even let my sister in on the joke and made a "call" to her to tell her our news. I let this go on about 2 and a half hours. LOL...you should have seen the look on his face...then of course the one of relief when I told him APRIL FOOLS

    We had a party close to April Fools day last year and the kids loved to play this one on the guests:
    Kool aide has a clear flavored drink it looks like water but it tastes like koolaide. We made up a pitcher and set it on the counter like it was water and much to many guests surpises it wasn't water!

    DD loves cereal in the morning, so we will pour our some cereal with milk in her bowl and set it in the freezer. Then on April Fools morning, I will take it out and pour some fresh cereal and milk on the top (to make it look regular) and then give it to my DD and watch for her expression!

    I am usually a big prankster. I have pulled the pg one on DH - I started a few weeks beforehand "not feeling well"...He was out on his ship for a few days and I emailed him that I was pg. DS was under a year at the time and I let DH freak for the full 24 hours before telling him. :p My other favorite one I did a couple years ago. I had my dad (another big prankster) call and pretend to be someone with the Navy. (I had served 4 years active duty and was doing 4 years inactive duty - pretty much means they could call me back to active duty if needed.) DH hands me the phone, whispering "who is Capt. James" or whatever...My dad asked me some questions, verified my SSN, official sounding things. Told me to report next Monday for medical check-up...I am a fairly good actress, I made my face go white and acted all upset. I got off the phone and told DH I was being called back to active duty. He freaked out and was ready to call Capt James back -- then "Capt James" called again, I put him on speaker phone and me and my Dad said "April Fool's!" I am pretty convincing and DH is pretty trusting, so it makes pulling tricks pretty easy. Have fun, this is one of my favorite days!

    sarah ; )~


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    Good One!

    Some of them were really hilarious....Good that you reminded of pranks and gave some ideas, hope I'll have some good fun by making fool of others....hahahahaa...:))

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