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Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by Laxmi, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Hello ladies,

    Are u in US and looking out for an apartment?
    Change of place and on the lookout for an apartment?

    Yes Apartment.com is THE place to search for an apartment which is hosting a
    national database of visual interactive listings.

    Wow! Good news!! our ladies exclaim- Wait the good news is yet to come.
    U could do all the search in Apartments.com thru UR favourite Web site - Indusladies from its shopping section.

    Are u ready to view photos, floor plans and take a virtual tour of the apartment in ur area?

    One sec, do come back and post ur experience here in this thread. It wld be lot more useful for our other esteemed members.

    Bye, happy shopping and browsing at IL.

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