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Alliance Alliance Every Where Not A Guy In Sight??

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, May 15, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Alliance Alliance every where not a guy in sight:
    All my youth went just having this ritual of looking at guys and vice versa, most of them fell for my English diction, which they were unable to master, and many never reached my height and I am only 5.3”, it left a very disgusting feeling.

    Some had the atrocity to say I was not fit for marriage, how dare they? All because I did not like him boozing daily, my uncle started calling them the episodes, one after the other they started keeping counts. The parents of the boy say he is 5.9” and nandu and sandhya my neice and nephew are my secret agents to tell me about the guy, and the guy when walks in is just 5.3” poor sis of mine taken so much of trouble making lovely gajar ka halwa. My Uncle telling we should hang a height chart, so that the guy is first measured and then allowed inside, and all would laugh.

    How can I forget the grandfather begging me to marry his 5ft grandson so slim and small made wearing a high heeled boot, it is my turn to shed tears that none are going to come forward to like me, leave alone marry. I had to go all the way to Hyderabad and it turned out that he is only a peon in some company cannot afford a wife, these are the excuses that men give to escape marrying me. Their introduction letters and my desperate mom landed me in many such episodes but to no avail.

    Many a astrologer consulted, and many got rejected in the horoscope stage itself, then rejection in photography stage itself, I became the butt of a joke when I attended the marriages of my relatives, like u have lost in the marriage market and so on. I was wild, marriage market! Are we some cows here to be auctioned, my god! Why this birth just to be married after all the education and job security given, my mother was short of distributing my horoscope through papers being dropped in each houses. Still I did have pangs for love, for some one who could be mine and mine alone, to pamper, and console my bleeding heart.

    All those M&B characters float in front of the eyes, all I asked was a 6ft and I get insulted so badly, god! Don’t you pity me, then why don’t u send the guy u have planned for me. I was so wild I asked my mom to cut off my hair to lesser than shoulder length, given her the ultimatum that she better get ready to live with me life long..

    Still my nevertheless mom kept trying for a guy, then came one real tall and good guy, he started praising the stars and we were conversing most part of night, he said he has lost his vision a little due to laser treatment and may have to depend on me for shopping and all, and I became too concerned if love has to be got like this then no problem I will stand by him and so on, after some 15 days. Suddenly his sister rings up to say, it has all been called off, and I broke down, too much to be consoled by any, felt it was a joke played unfair, too dejected, didn’t want any food, or living for that matter, why would a guy take so long to decide something so crucial.

    During this period, sudden feed back from a guy quite tall and a mesmerizing voice, came up and I tread with a lot of caution, came to know he was just too lovely to let go, but all my relative and mother were keeping a more stronger fingers crossed, after the Hyderabad guy we were just not sure of anything.

    He informed my mother that he would love paal payasam his favourite, and though I said he is going to get engaged, none were prepared, thought may be another episode, and groom people took a long time coming in car from Chennai, came to know he was shopping for a tie because I had asked him to come in a suit, that became a ridiculous joke, and when they did arrive, both my cousins went to pick him up and mom informed he would look like amjad khan, but when the boys came and told amjad khan what are u looking at just see the guy and u will drool. Don’t ask my how shy I felt, his voice matched his looks, and he also fell in love so deep, and in a jiffy all fell into place. I was married in a month’s notice. and left with him to north and each time he kisses me I feel so elated, worth the wait, now he pampers me to the core, and I feel the rest of world can take a walk, but I am healing and healing, he is the envy of my relatives. Oh! Priya u don’t deserve him, but it is my mom who says rather he does not deserve and more…regards sunkan

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    Its a lovely story Sunkan!
    felt like film story while i was reading...

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