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Actress Meena Husband Passed Away..

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by anika987, Jun 29, 2022.

  1. anika987

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    Just saw the news and I feel very bad.They are gifted with a beautiful daughter and are a beautiful family.

    Meena was so famous in the 90’s and she married and got settled with Vidyasagar.Wll was going well but her husband got infected with corona and treatment failed and he passed away..

    It is very sad that this had to happen.It is such a painful news.

    Man can never rule over nature.We strive so much,so much of stress and competition for what? No one knows what will happen next in life.Stay humble and live with gratitude for every moment..

    Rip and prayers for Meena and family to find strength in such a difficult time..
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  2. KashmirFlower

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  3. joylokhi

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    Very sad news. May his soul RIP and family find strength to bear the loss.
  4. Thyagarajan

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    An alumnus of MIT COMMENTED wryly as to why actress meena's hubby's death should be a news. I answered him thus:
    It is always news because sister meena too commands huge fans and in devotional movies too she could emote well exuding Bhakthi paravasam in telugu and tamil. thirumala Puranam cinema box office hit. I thought few in this group could be her fans.
    After reading this reply of mine he texted me :
    I feel sorry for her. Life is difficult for a woman when she loses her husband at a young age. Even in modern times.

    Then another friend responded more than death news one must examine the root cause:
    "More than that we should know why he died. It seems they were living next to place where large number of pigeons were frequenting. Constant breadth of air filled with Snell of piegens droppings. That affected lungs. Doctor's advice was to replace both the lungs. They were waiting for a suitable donor ( person who are brain dead and willing to donate organ)

    I ended the discussion thus:
    Invariably they the family physician confine their
    Attention to patients anatomy and their food intake. Breast cancer patients never asked as to what cosmetics they used but the tests detect carcinogens that entered the bloodstream around the site cream used. . Many beauty products contain carcinogens added to preserve the cream for long or increase shelf life. Though it is claimed the quantity added as preservatives is in traces and or as recommended by FDA of USA, there is an element of doubt.
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  5. SGBV

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    Very sad news. May his soul rest in peace.
    This is yet another reminder that money or fame can not buy health or do anything when the nature calls you.
    He had the money, support and everything but a disease something could not be cured despite the medical advancements.
    At the age of 48 he died. It is too early for a successful person to die. I mean, life only begins at 40 after all the struggles and efforts you have taken in the past couple of decades to be successful in life. You will start slowing down & enjoy life a bit at 40, believing the rest of your life will be easy for you. But, looking at many deaths, especially after covid and the stress associated with that, I've noticed many people have died untimely. Including my near/dear ones and the celebrities. This is unfair. You just start living, and your life is taken off.

    But, this should give us enlightenment. Don't wait till 40 to settle and then to live. Live everyday with what you are destined to. Take life as it comes, and make wonderful memories each day.

    A happy and peaceful life is much more blessed than a successful, yet stressful time. Happiness is for you, where as your success is to boast for others. Chose yourself first, and this is what my mantra these days after having wasted most of my prime youth days chasing my career.
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