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About Rajnikanth's Sivaji....

Discussion in 'Movies' started by deepavkl, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. deepavkl

    deepavkl New IL'ite

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    I came to know about some new updates about Rajnikanth's SIVAJI...

    The film's POOJA has already finished by November' 28 at AVM Studio. You might know

    I just want to share latest news...

    1. Hindi Actress Rani Mukarji has been booked as a second heroine.
    2. first hereine as planned Shreya
    3. Shotting dates planned in Hydrabad Ramojirao film city has been extended.
    4. Opening for rajni in the movie will be shooted in NewYork.

    And there will be a flashback in this movie also for RAJNI...

    I am expecting your comments on this.. If i am wrong..

  2. Sitamma

    Sitamma New IL'ite

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    Yes i have heard about the same. Eagerly awaiting for the release of the movie. I am one of the countless die hard fan of Rajni and look forward for one more splendid performance.
    Do you have any information about where exactly rajni will be shooting in New York?

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