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About life-Continued On your voyage through’ life’

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by PushpavalliSrinivasan, May 5, 2007.

  1. PushpavalliSrinivasan

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    On your voyage through’ life’
    May good luck be your’ captain’
    And laughter be your ‘pilot’
    And sunshine your ‘mate’
    Ant happiness your ‘freight’
    And every port you enter
    Bring friends anew,
    May ‘good luck’ be your ‘captain’,
    And my best wishes to you.

    Life is what we make it,
    Let’s often talk of noble deeds,
    And sing about our happy days,
    And forget about the sad ones.
    We were not made to fret and sigh,
    And when grief raps to wake it,
    Bright happiness is standing by,
    This life is what we make it,

    Let’s find the sunny side of men
    Or be believers in it,
    A light is there in every soul,
    That takes the pain to win it,
    Oh! There is a simmering good in all,
    And we by chance may wake it,
    Our hands contain a magic wand,
    This life is what we make it.

    Then here’s to those with loving heart,
    Shed light and joy about them,
    Thanks be to them for countless gems,
    We never had known without them.
    Oh! This should be a happy world,
    To all who may partake it,
    The fault is our own if it’s not,
    This life is what we make it.

    We have come into this world
    Not to be loved, but to love,
    Not to get, but to give,
    Not to be served, but to serve
    When the ‘Great Scorer’ comes,
    , To write against our name
    He writes not whether we won or lost,
    But how we played the game.

    Of course life is what we we make it. If we keep fretting for small things we could never be happy. We have to face every challenge with renewed vigour. With my experience I am saying this.

  2. workingmom

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    very nice and inspiring:) thanks for sharing...

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