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A Woman male chauvinist?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. kanaka

    kanaka Bronze IL'ite

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    My friends say "kanaka we have heard of male chauvinist. But how come u keep singing background tune to them?
    Honestly not. I feel desperate when women act "Childish". We are a gender capable of carrying a whole family with us and around us!

    I appreciate women who are creative in any field. Today I happened to read an article by a lady J.Geeta who has produced and directed. one movie'Woman with a moving camera'. She has been describing the attitudes and perspective of men about a movie produced by a lady including personalities like Adoor Gopalakrishnan. It is painful to note such discrimination at such levels. The treatment meted out to intellectuals(men and women) is always perturbing. But very rarely does men take women intellectuals seriously. This goes beyond all borders. Men prefer mediocore ladies with a bit of folly ,stupidity and who derive happiness in day today trivial affairs.

    Dr.Geeta has writteen the article under the caption"Do kerala men dread keralite ladies".
    Anywhere men very much dread a capable woman. My defintion of capability is "a person capable of holding her fort with an individuality of her own without succumbing to pressures.
    A woman may be fragile but tough enough to bounce back. I always revere a lady who is determined and menas something t someone in the society.

    Perhaps such views of mine make my friends including ladies from IL feel that Iam a staunch admirer of male chauvinist. For me anyone who does good is admirable. kanakaBig LaughBig LaughBig LaughBig Laugh

  2. zingy

    zingy Local Champion Staff Member Platinum IL'ite

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    So true and that applies to any field and even GEN X and Y are not exempt from it .
    Many times I have noticed that ladies gets their success attributed to their gender rather than skills by the male colleagues. It is sad when sometimes some female counterparts endorse these views.

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