A Thank You And A Eggless Caramel Custard

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    View attachment 169235 It feels great to be back on my feet after a month of restriction on moving, walking, postures..yeah had a lumbar sprain that aggravated a existing spinal problem.. the family has survived the whole month on basics.

    And thanks to all my friend here, who have been enquiring about my health and wishing me and cheering me all throughout this month and bearing with all the errors from mobile typing and not being :rant that she does not respond back to our precious fb's.:bowdown:

    And as a appreciation did make this caramel custard for the kids..did post a picture in virtual feast after a hiatus of two years, well without all my buddies who used to post, it was feeling so out of place..and on the request for the recipe..so here it is..

    The trick is the caramel preparation. i am told you get caramel off the counter these days.


    For the custard :
    500 ml milk.
    2 tblsp - corn starch (playing around with cornflour gives you the freedom to have your own choice of custard..strawberry, rose/chocolate/butterscotch/pista and badam/ elaichi..and yes i make all of these..)

    1/2 tsp - vannilla essence..(you can avoid/substitute as per your choice)
    food color- yellow (I use fda approved colors..)
    1 tsp - agar agar powder.. (I buy china grass-- and powder it and freeze.. it reduces my dependency on soaking, straining..) and it is a vegetable substitute for gelatin and is a good stabiliser.
    2 tbsp- sugar.

    For the caramel :
    20 gms sugar + 10gm demerra sugar (I like my caramel dark, a little bitter to take of that edge of sweetness from the custard..)
    1/4 cup water..

    take a deep bottom pan or a pressure pan, heat it for a few minutes, now add the sugar when the sugar melts and starts browning/caramelising, (as per your taste and liking) add water, and now keep swiling the pan so the water and the caramelised sugar mix..allow it to boil and i do tend to leave it to thicken a little..cool it and store it for a week for future use in the freezer if i make more than what the recipe calls for..

    Transfer it to the mould/bowls into which you are thinking of setting the custard.


    Remove a 3 tbslp of milk and heat the rest of the milk in a pan.
    Add sugar and allow it boil.
    Now in a bowl mix the corn starch, the food color(yellow), the agar agar powder well.
    Add this to the boiling milk,incorporate the whole mixture while stirring continuously to avoid the starch to stick and burn at the boton.
    Add the essence of your choice here vanilla.
    allow it to cook and thicken..
    transfer this to the bowls/mould in which we have already transferred the caramel syrup.
    cool it and refrigerate until serving time..
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    notes: you can incorporate cocoa powder/chocolate syrup when you add the essence.. in case of chocolate custard, the caramel in honey color instead of burnt brown looks appealing..:thumbsup
    The agar-agar is optional and the custard still turns out good, only you need to keep check on the thickenining..

    Most recipes call for baking/steaming..but i find this a easy assembling and child play recipe once the caramel is ready...
    You can add nuts, and instead of setting a caramel custard, fill ice lolly moulds, and make it a great kids dessert :thumbsup
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    Hi Shanvy,

    I am already drooling over this yummy treat :p

    A wonderful recipe! thanks for sharing :)

    Take care,
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    Dear Shanvy,
    Thanks for sharing, sure I will try this as my son today insisted on something sweet. Hope your kids had enjoyed it.
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    Dear Shanvy - You are awesome. The custard looks so yummy and mouth watering. The only problem is I will lose total control and eat the whole thing if I ever attempt to make it. I am at the phase where if I crave for something, I just want to buy one piece and eat it. Do not want to make or keep any goodies at home....

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