A mom's letter to her teenaged children

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    This is letter which every parent would like to address to their teenager children. I am myself mother to 3 year old, but this is how I would talk to him when he becomes teenager.
    All parents fear when their children near adolescence and this letter may reduce this gap.

    To my Teenager Son/Daughter,

    I am really proud that 13 years have passed and suddenly my sweet little baby has now become a teenager, sounds as if we have come very far my dear!
    Welcome to this beautiful age and world of teenagers! There is now going to be both bad and good times of life where we as parents may not be with you in each of your experiences.

    But chill, some very beautiful experiences are going to come to your way too. Before you acquaint with those, I want to make you prepared for good and bad flaws of it!!

    Till now we as parents and some friends were prime people in your life. But now you may start liking someone just not for any reason. You may like to love that person, be with that person and basically feel attracted to that person.
    This is what God has created to be!!

    I am not saying there is anything wrong in this setup- just that unlike older generations, your generation need to be more aware of these feelings.

    This is something your great grandparents and grand parents would not like me saying this to you, but in their times when they reached this age, they almost were married to person whom they started loving with time. Their Teenagers feelings were taken care of after marrying.

    But now you as teenager may start feeling sudden changes in your body, mind, and attractions. Please don’t feel awkward as I say this to you, but that there are going to be physical attractions also.

    You are in age where you still are not adult, but you are heading towards it and you as teenager may not like your parents interfering in life.
    But just remember we are always there to guide you in all ways during this time. You can consider us your friend and we can share these wonderful moments of being teenager together. That is how it must be, right?

    But remember that your parents have big share of experiences than you had and they have gone through this beautiful world as teenager. Please come anytime you need our guidance or suggestion. We will surely enjoy this phase together.

    Dear, have you heard adolescence? This is age most parents fear. And this is because nothing is communicated to teenagers about how suddenly world would change for them. This is where it is responsibility of parent to communicate these sudden changes to them.

    So my dear baby, are you ready for sharing this wonderful experience of teenager?. Do you acknowledge this? Surely write to me-

    Your dearest

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    I'm a mother of a 13 year old and I don't think that most kids at age 13 are even thinking about being attracted to or by another person. In my opinion this letter is geared mostly towards a 16 or 17 year old. And I do hope that parents aren't resorting to writing letters to their children but actually having a conversation of words.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic....interesting.

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