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A love poem of accounts

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by flyingfancy, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. flyingfancy

    flyingfancy New IL'ite

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    In the journal of my heart,
    i have written an entry,
    debiting your love and
    crediting your affection,

    oh!dear ,you write the narration,
    your first love i've already noted,
    on the ledger folio column,
    anyway our relations are flooded ,
    on double entry system.

    Our love is real and tangible,
    you debit what comes in,
    and i credit what goes out.

    Your beauty is the capital of business,
    my eyes the stock in trade,
    let us enter into a transaction.

    You secretly give me trade discount,
    i openly give you cash discount,
    and thus my partner ,
    our profit and loss account,
    will show profit.

    On the encashment of our cheques,
    i 've enclosed all my wealth,
    get them encashed with my banker.

    Any desire to do so,
    the little counter of my heart,
    will remain open for you,
    even during non-banking hours.

    Oh!dear, we are just like counter entry,
    you the debit and i the credit side,
    both at the same time.

    And so m dear! Let us rectify,
    all our errors and total the triel balance,
    of our affairs arithmatically,
    without maintaining any suspense account,
    in the balance sheet of life.

  2. Yashikushi

    Yashikushi Moderator IL Hall of Fame

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    Loved your last verses.Errors that will erased away our trials and the balance will be bloomed with new hopes.
    BALANCED ACCOUNTS.Audited well.Keep it my friend.

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