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A Day For Accountant-chitra Paurnami

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Today,the 19th is The Full moon Day of Chaitra month that is Chitra poornima.

    International Accounting Day or International
    Accountant’s Day is celebrated all around the
    world every year to give recognition to
    accountants who do highly challenging and
    stressful job that very few people want to
    do.In most parts of the world, November 10 is
    considered as an official International
    Accounting Day.
    Since most of the businesses are global,the accountants have to deal with day to day challenges like improving transparency,accountability,governance,harmonization etc etc, it is in the fitness of things to have a celebration for accountants.

    While celebrations of these days are of very
    recent origin, we have been celebrating this
    Accountant's Day in India for ages, that is on
    Chaitra Paurnami Day, to fall this year on 19th Apr.
    According to the vedic scriptures, the souls of
    men after death receive rewards and
    punishments according to their sins and virtues,
    and hence it is believed that good and bad
    deeds of men are not destroyed. The souls of
    men after death , with imprints of good and bad
    deeds go to Yamapuri where such
    records are maintained by the efficient
    Accountant Chithra Guptha..

    Chithra Guptha aliasChittira Puttiranaar, is
    the Master Record
    Keeper of our sins and gains.
    The legend goes that
    Chitra Guptha was created out of sheer
    necessity by Brahma, who also created the
    three worlds. Brahma handed over the
    legions of the dead to Yama Dharma Raja,
    as also the tedious task of punishing or
    rewarding the souls of people, based on
    their actions in life. Yama, as every
    took up the task with much enthusiasm,
    little realising the risks involved in
    his unenviable
    job. Times passed, and mistakes began to
    occur. He banished
    the innocent to hell and welcomed the
    rogues into heaven, and very soon, started
    protests. Yama approached Brahma, who in turn advised him to approach Siva.

    Shiva gave a glance at Parvathi, who with
    slightest of nods, took up a golden slate and
    with a chalk drew a handsome man, richly
    adorned with jewels and gems. Shiva leaned
    closer to Parvathi and bent down towards
    the slate. Gently, he blew away the chalk
    dust to clear up the picture.
    Lo and Behold, before them stood a man, the

    very replica of the picture on the slate. He held a stylus in one hand and a thick bundle of palm leaves in the other. Shiva had indeed blown the “Air of Life”, Praana Vaayu, into the picture and given him life. Shiva nodded at his own creation, and said, “My Son, since you were born out of a picture drawn by Shakthi and breathed to life by me, you will be henceforth called as Chitragupta (Chitra-Picture, Gupta- hidden).
    At the end of one’s life, it is based on Chitraguptha's records that Yama offers him the fruit of his actions.
    He was very
    and maintained a strict record of the doings
    of every human and god. Nothing escaped
    his sharp eye. In the process of maintaining
    these complicated records Chitragupta gave
    mankind one of the best gifts ever, the gift
    a scripted language. Chitragupta is thought
    to be the person who introduced the very
    first scripts.

    As per another legend,Chitra Guptha was reborn to Kamadhenu and Indrani brought him up. As per destiny, Indrani was not destined to have a child. But the destiny was changed and Chitra guptha became their son, due to the grace of Lord Shiva.
    It is this birth of Chitragupta that is widely
    celebrated in Tamil Nadu on Chitra
    We have many mythological stories to prove Chitraguptha is very accurate in maintaining papa-punya balance and arrive at the exact place,date and time of one's anthim yatra.
    On many occasions circumstances so happen that people in altogether different place are brought to the destined area even by genuine helpers, just to help the divine accountant without their knowledge.I have seen people changing the compartments only to face their end in an accident.
    A person who ,due to his penance knew his date of death pleaded to Brahma that his time may be extended for a few more years.Brahma took pity on the devotee and took him to Yama ,requested whether he could help. Yama said, that was the day of his death. However if could get hold of Chitraguptha in time ,perhaps he might help.
    There was an arrangement in the yamaloka. On the specified hour the file containing the details of the specific candidate would fall down the rack.Chitra guptha said that he would try, if possible, to transfer the file to a different place before falling down.

    The person, Brahma and Yama along with Chitra guptha hurriedly went to the record room,.Just as they entered the file of the person fell down and he also fell dead.
    On seeing the file it was noticed that death would occur when the four people, the person, along with Yama, Brahma and Chitra Guptha just enter the hall of yamaloka.
    It is stated to be so accurate that no one on earth will be able to change.Even miraculous escape from death is stated to have been recorded.Love, motherly affection etc may not be able to defer the decision.
    I do not know how Savitri was able to bring back Satyavan's life by a simple request of having a child and whether Chitra guptha had not been created during the period.
    Rabindranatha Tagore and many poets have sung the glories of death, of which man is afraid of.
    While Chitraguptha handles crores and crores of human beings born and to be born,we are yet to write the destiny of a few thousand tricksters who escape all checks and escape to foreign lands.
    O Chitraguptha, are you also destined to exempt a few people for keeping away from your purview?
    Do you need any special pooja by which no one escapes punishment for their misdeeds?
    Jayasala 42

    The glory of Chitragupta pooja is extolled in
    Garuda Purana , where much detail is given
    to the job of Chitragupta and his possible
    judgements to the souls.
    In many houses this is celebrated on the first day
    of Chithirai month.Chitra Guptha is stated to enter the house
    through Kolam, Kalasha and then leave the house after blessing the inmates.
    an important
    part of the vratha.
    There are many temples for Chitra Guptha
    over India.
    The temple of Chitragupta in Kanchi sees
    huge crowds on that day. It is one of the
    few temples dedicated to Chitragupta in
    India and the only one in Tamil Nadu.
    Here Chitragupta gives darshan with his wife
    Karnaambikai. Also known as Karnaki, she
    bore him eight sons who are considered to
    be the forefathers of the Karuneegar
    community of Karnataka. In the sanctum,
    Chitragupta is in a standing posture with his
    book and a writing nail, a sign of ever
    watchfulness over everyone. On the day of
    Chitra Pournami, a grand wedding is held at
    the temple between Chitragupta and Karnaki.

    There appears to be a scientific reason as to
    why Chithra paurnami was chosen and not
    any other Full Moon Day.
    In the month of Chithirai, the Sun is in
    exalted position( uchcham) close to the

    and moon is aligned with the bright star'
    Chithira'in the constellation of LIBRA.
    Libra is the sign that seeks balance.Your
    mind is prepared to balance thoughts
    properly and you are empowered to make
    karmic choices by way of worshipping
    Gupta, the divine accountant.

    Whether all these stories appeal to
    reasoning or not, it is an undeniable fact
    some of our sufferings are beyond our
    comprehension and we feel some what
    relieved if someone takes the initiative of
    wiping of our sins automatically or by
    motivating us to do good things like
    charities to ward off the evils.All is well that
    ends well.

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    :hello:Note women is excluded !
    Super story. Super questions.
    Let me go and do my Pooja but for what?
    That is the secret
    Not mentioned in any Purana?

    Thanks and Regards

    God is hovering over rating agencies & noting down in their dossier +&-.
  3. GeetaKashyap

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    Fantastic stories, @jayasala42 mam! I never knew the significance of Chitra pournami. :hearteyes::clap2:
  4. Amulet

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    Ah...haah. So that is the story of Chitragupta genesis.
    An accountant, and a handsome man! This is usually not the case. Accountants are always depicted as pale (not enough sunlight), scrawny, misshapen people, losing hair due having to keep the accounts perfectly tallied all the time, perpetually bent and wearing glasses.

    The idea of having to maintain an account of each soul's actions during a life is also talked about in other religious liturgies, but not with as colorful characters and legends as we have them.

    Once upon a time I heard a catholic priest [named Father Guido Sarducci] talk about such account keeping. He told the audience that we are paid $14.50 per day for each day we had endured a life on earth. After we die, our soul goes through a long passage, and at the end of the passage, god (very likely the christian version of C.Gupta) would hand over the total earnings of a life time to us. A provident fund!

    And then HE would go over our sins, and ask us to pay [ as in... We Pay for Our Sins]. If we had enough money to pay for all our sins, then we go to heaven; if we don't have enough money, we'd be born again. Serious crimes like murder might involve several births as good people (like nuns) to overcome the guilt. It was a remarkable revelation, that the nuns of the current birth may have been mafiosi in a previous birth: LINK
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  5. jayasala42

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    Thank you madam for the Christain version of Chitraguptha. Now a days I receive lots of whatsapp messages for fun about the entry into the gates of heaven/hell.But I have never recd a single message about Chitra Guptha. Perhaps his name is not that popular.
    jayasala 42
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