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A Date With Ekadasi Vradham(fast)

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Thyagarajan, Jul 24, 2021.

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    This is Wonderful hilarious piece of writing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. :laughing::laughing:

    My dad is someone who cannot fast nor resist his temptation for yummy food.

    Dad n mom along with sambandhi number 1(sister's in laws) went to trichy to have Darshan of Lord Ranganatha. Apparently it was Amavasya on the day they boarded the train to Trichy. After finishing all the Home packed lunch in train, once they alighted @ Trichy they proceeded towards a nearby hotel to finish their evening tea. Bajji was too tempting so the Sambandhis who don't follow Amavasya rituals went ahead n ordered onion bajji. Dad inquired about chilli bajji or potato bajji or raw banana bajji. None were available. He couldn't resist his temptation for the bajji. He went ahead took a bajji from Sambandhis plate and seperated the onion from the outer layer of besan n rice flour mixture n ate the outer layer alone.
    Even now when we all meet, mami (sister's mil) jokes about the incident.

    The Sambandhi 2(my in laws) are extremely strict in following any ekadashi, dwadashi, Amavasya etc. Forget about special days they won't eat onion n garlic even on normal days. The entire family (my parents, in laws, sister family) visited us in Mumbai. We all had gone to Gateway and then went to a nearby exclusive veg restaurant . The condition to choose the restaurant was it should serve jain food. (For in laws) . My dad will eat all onion garlic everything on all days but tries to follow sathvik food on special days. As we sat he voluntarily told I'm gonna give company to sambandhi 2 and take jain food with them. My in laws were seated at one corner on a long table. Next dad and next it was us who exclusively didn't want jain food. As we ordered starters seperate jain portion was ordered for my in laws. Dad in between enjoyed both jain n non jain food. :tongueclosed::tongueclosed: I said he's supposed to eat jain food with my in laws. He murmured something and continued eating non jain from our order. :tonguewink::tonguewink:
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    My late FIL - DID exactly this out of box thinking on that blue moon day when we returned from visit to Elephanta. It is hilarious though pragmatic.
    when I did almost similar - others got emboldened to eat from other’s plates a bit in a restaurant again in mumbai Ghatkopar.
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