9 Hours Layover In Dubai

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    Hi friends,

    I have booked my tickets from Egypt to Sri Lanka through Dubai to travel with my family. This includes my two young kids (10 & younger) and my elderly mom, and my H.

    We have originally booked our tickets with a 3 hour transit time - adequate to transit through Dubai airport.
    But, yesterday I received an e-mail, indicating the change of flights. According to that e-mail, there will be around 9 hrs lay-over at the airport before we catch the flight to Sri Lanka.
    We will land in Dubai around 7.00 am and the connection flight is somewhere around 4.00 pm.

    According to Emirates website, if there are more than 10 hrs lay-over, the airline is responsible to make us comfortable with a free hotel, food, and transport to/from the airport. This is a best option to get out of the airport & spend a few hrs in Dubai or rest well or take a shower as my kids & mom need rest before the next flight.

    But, ours is just 9 hrs, and we will be missing all this just because it is a few mins less than the eligible time.

    But here, the delay is caused by the airline. We booked based on our needs. We can't wait at the airport for 9 hrs and do nothing. Kids will throw tantrums, and mom will get extremely tired.
    It is not safe during covid times to spend a lot of times at crowed airports like dubai. Especially immunocompromised elders like my mom.

    Transit visa & spending on hotels for just few hrs isn't worth, considering we are 5 members. And launches are not cheap either. They are available for 4 hrs for full payment, so we need to do double booking.

    I rarely used emirates, as I always use Qatar airways. I have Gold card with QR; hence I am eligible for the loyalty rewards in Doha or other places with QR.
    Here it is Emirates, and I don't have any sky miles to claim any favor here.

    Any advice or experience guys????

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