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2 weeks India trip with 6 month old..

Discussion in 'Post Pregnancy Care' started by babymomma, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. babymomma

    babymomma New IL'ite

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    Dear all,

    Can you please let me know if it is okay to take a 6 month old baby for a short trip to India. I need to go for my sisters wedding in June end and my son will be 6 months by then.
    I will be landing in Bombay and be there for couple of days and go to kerala.. come back to bombay and back to US.
    I am really worried about how my baby will handle the whole trip since it is too short. will he be affected by the back and forth journey?
    Have u guys gone for any similar trips? Is it safe to take baby for 2 weeks overseas? especially on a rainy season...
    Can you tell me what precautions I need to take..

    Thanks soo much..

  2. Gauri03

    Gauri03 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Well, such a long journey with a 6 month old will definitely need some planning. But it is much harder with a toddler, so don't fret. You just need to plan well and be prepared for every eventuality. Here are some things just off the top of my head,

    - Talk to his pediatrician and make sure he is current on all his vaccinations. Ask your doctor about what precautions to take.
    - Only give him water from a sealed bottle or that you have sterilized yourself. Keep him well hydrated.
    - Carry infant Tylenol, some vapor rub, saline drops, a nasal aspirator and a thermometer.
    - Babies' ears hurt a lot during take-off and landing due to pressure variations in the plane. If you nurse then let him BF at that time or give him a bottle. Both can help relieve the pressure.
    - Changing diapers in an airplane is quite a challenge. Look for a diaper changing table that folds out over the toilet seat in the airplane's restroom. It is great help. Carry your own changing mat.
    - If you BF then food won't be a problem. A good nursing cover is all you should need. Otherwise carry a tin of formula and get hot water in the plane. If he eats solids, then carry enough food and formula for a 24 hour period.

    Luckily 6-month olds don't need a lot of entertaining. They are more interested in their parents than the world outside. A few toys that your DS loves should be more than enough. Just a little planning should make the journey much easier than you think.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2010

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