10 Essential E-mail Etiquettes for Job

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    Hi ,
    i came across a very good article which tells us the do's and dont's of applying for a job through e mail.Hope u enjoy reading it...

    What is the difference between a job application on print-paper and
    a job application on e-mail? Nothing, a job application by e-mail is
    just an electronic format of the traditional plain-paper job

    During the pre-e-mail era of the corporate world, jobseekers had to
    follow certain rules while applying for a job, the resume of a
    jobseeker had to be accompanied by the proper covering letter,
    addressed to the correct authority with mention of applied post, or
    position. It was considered inappropriate to apply without a proper
    covering letter, explaining your experience, educational
    qualifications in brief, and subject. Your interview call depended
    largely on your covering letter.

    Is it too formal, in comparison with today's prevalent casual
    of jobseekers?

    May be, but those pre-e-mail job application rules served an
    important purpose, it saved the lots of time of the HR department.
    It was much easier to shortlist the candidates after reading their
    covering letter, since application for a job was a meticulous
    process, candidates mostly desisted from applying to a job, which is
    not relevant to them.

    Internet is a great innovation and the e-mail has brought a
    revolution in the way we communicate, and everything now is instant
    and in a real time! It has changed the equation of business and
    world economy, but every innovation has its fallouts. Instant
    communication at no cost has created its own set of problems that is
    people are forgetting the basic rules of communication.

    Now, HR departments everywhere are facing a deluge of resumes from
    candidates because it does not cost anything to the candidate to
    apply for a job on e-mail. Again, they do not even bother to mention
    the proper subject line or proper message in the message box. It is
    a nightmare for HR departments or professional recruiters to read
    mountains of e-mails that they get for any job posting. This sloppy
    way of communication is wasting both time and money of

    There are certain rules which if followed will save the time of all
    involved in the recruitment process. It will of course help you in
    getting an instant reply from the recruiter.

    Rule No.1: Apply for the job, which is relevant to your skill and

    Rule No.2: Ensure that you have formatted the message properly and
    done the spell checking before sending the mail.

    A properly formatted mail with properly formatted paragraphs would
    give a professional look to your e-mail.

    Rule No.3: Always name your resume file with your full name

    Resume document name should be your First Name and Last Name. Daily,
    we get many resumes with names like- Resume7, Res2005, resu_hem, my
    resume, resume1. If a recruiter wants to save your resume, s/he has
    to open the resume to copy your name and save the same again with a
    new file name containing your full name.

    Rule No.4 Always mention in the subject line- about your core
    skills, total IT experience, and location e.g. Java/JSP/Oracle/ 4
    yrs/Bangalore/USA etc

    The proper full name given to your resume with the precise subject
    line will help the recruiter while saving your resume in proper
    folder immediately.

    Remember: If you only mention: "Resume" in the subject line
    of your
    e-mail, chances of getting attention of the recruiter are less
    because the recruiter is always racing against time might simply
    delete your resume and move on to the next resume which has
    mentioned the proper subject line.

    Rule No.5: Write a brief message in the message box about your
    experience, educational qualification, location, and reason for
    change etc in not more than two-three short paragraphs.

    Rule No.6: Never mention your salary details in the message or in
    the resume.

    It is inappropriate to mention your confidential details like salary
    in a common job application mail. You never know who reads these
    mails, so why disclose your salary to an unknown person?

    Rule No.7: Write a message to the concerned person, with the proper
    Name, designation whenever possible while applying for a job. This
    way you make the recruiter aware of the fact that you are serious
    about applying for the advertised job and have applied after careful
    reading of the job advertisement, and is not just mass mailing the

    Rule No.8: Mention your contact details in the message box,

    You might have mentioned your telephone number in the resume, but
    putting down your telephone number again helps in getting instant
    call from the recruiters in case if they have an urgent opening and
    want to call you back.

    Rule No.9: Avoid the too much of formal covering letters written in
    old-fashioned English.

    "Apropos to your requirements regarding subjected post, invited
    application from the eligible candidates. I would like to forward my
    candidature for the same post for your kind considerations and
    further approval.

    In the view of the above, I am also sending my detailed resume which
    has separately prepared and annexed with this candidature for your
    kind perusal and record. Moreover the required documents are also
    enclosed and narrated here under.

    So, with the strength of current resume and other ample documents, I
    would to request your kindness to consider my application and give
    me an opportunity for the better services in your organization.

    Your consideration in the matter will be highly obliged."

    This kind of e-mail message will add to the already harassed
    recruiter's annoyance! This cover letter also shows that the
    candidate has not taken any efforts to improve his professional
    communication skills, and is using a readymade cover letter.

    This is a real life example taken from many such sloppily written
    job applications received by us. It is difficult to consider such
    applicants for any job. With such mails, candidates are spoiling
    their chances of getting an interview call. It shows utter laziness
    and a refusal to move with times on the part of the candidates.

    Rule No.10: Never do mass-mail of your resume to many companies or
    consultants at the same time:

    It is insulting for a recruiter to receive a resume sent as a part
    of a mass e-mail. At least be politically correct and careful not to
    put all e-mail ids in "To" field. You can always use
    "BCC" field if
    you want to save your time!

    As you, expect special attention to be given to your profile /resume
    so do recruiters or companies. They would not like to interview a
    person who is treating them as `just another company' and
    making it obvious by putting all employers and recruitment
    consultants' e-mail ids in "To" field. Think over it!

    If your e-mail is written in a professional manner, the recruiter
    might save your resume for future job openings even if they do not
    find you suitable for the current opening. Thus, you ensure your
    future interview calls, by just being a little careful about
    drafting a proper job application.

    IT companies today do not want only techies; they want techies with
    excellent business communication skills. Your professional business
    communication skills should be exhibited in your first contact with
    the company. A professionally written e-mail will attract positive

    By writing professional e-mail, you show respect for other
    time, and so they usually will respect your time and efforts too.

    Also Read before sending. Before you send any business
    communication, Stop and Read.


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    Good tips on job application by email

    Hello Shilpi,

    Those were good tips to keep in mind while job application by email. Especially, rule 10 is very key - mass mailing of resume to many companies / consultants would put us down in the selection list of the recruiters. They will think we have lots of priorities and not very keen with their company or job offer.

    Keep posting more like this, Shilpi.


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