1. Are You Slow In Learning And Often Treated As A Laughing Stock?

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    Dear Brothers / Sisters,

    There are some people who think they are slow in learning and often treated as a laughing stock and some times called a stupid and mocked at by those living around them.

    I have shared below a Rayaru miracle happened in real life to Sri Narasimha Avaadhani which provides a solution to get Great knowledge and Good progress in our life.

    Sri Narasimha Avadhani was living at Akalkot near Sholapur. He was a Brahmacharin (celibate). He remained uneducated, as he was slow in learning. He was called a stupid and mocked at by those living around him.

    One day, a well-wisher, pitying his condition, called him aside and spoke to him words of encouragement. ‘Appa, you don’t worry about anything. Even those who have been less fortunate than you, have been cured of their maladies and blessed with progress in their lives, by the grace of Guru Raghavendra.

    Your only drawback is that you have not been able to equip yourself with the learning necessary for your age. I would advise you to go to Mantralaya and worship Sri Raghavendra. He will definitely show you the way and solve your problems.’

    ‘I do not know any slokas on Sri Raghavendra swami. How can I worship him?’ queries Narasimha Avadhani, with all eagerness.

    ‘All that is not really necessary. If you merely chant, “Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha” a number of times daily with devotion, that would suffice'.

    ‘Most certainly I shall do that’, said Avadhani with great enthusiasm.

    Accordingly, he went to Mantralaya and worshipped Sri Raghavendra, uttering ‘Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha’ twelve lakh times.

    One night, Sri Raghavendra appeared in his dream and wrote the holy letter ‘Sri’ on his tongue, just as Purandaradasa had written the divine words ‘Vijaya Vittala’ on the tongue of Sri Vijayadasa. In both the instances, the ocurrences were only in the dream of the devotees.

    While from the time of the rare blessing, Sri Vijayadasa started composing and rendering hymns spontaneously, the unlettered and inane Narasimha Avadhani, when graced by the Guru, acquired instantly the power of explaining fluently the substance of Madhwa philosophy as embodied in the writings of the great ones, Stunning everyone who heard his oration.

    Narasimha Avadhani became distinguished not only for his discourses on Madhwa philosophy but also for being instrumental in Vidya Devi (the Goddess of learning) gracing many with knowledge and learning. He imparted vedic knowledge to all those who came to him for learning, making them well-versed in the subject. Simultaneously, he was also expounding the greatness of Sri Raghavendra and propagating his mystic deeds.

    Thus Sri Raghavendra has been providing us answers at every stage, by making his appearance felt in occurrences that provide the clue to the doubts lingering in our minds.

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    Nicely written.

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