Your Feedback on Cathedral Richmond road Bangalore-Urgent Please

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    Hi All,
    I am planning to place my Daughter in LKG.
    I request your feedback on Cathedral High school Richmond road.
    I am presently staying at Ulsoor and it looks like a good school for me.But I could not find much review on bothways in websites such as parentree, mouthshut where the information is active about Bishop and Baldwin.

    Please advise me on the following
    1.How about the school on academic part?
    2.As this is missionary based, hope the teaching should be fine with permanent teachers, is that so?
    3.Fees for LKG
    4. What will be the fees on subsequent year?
    5. Class strength in Grade 5 like that?
    6.Annual fee hike pattern.
    7.What is the % to get the admission as I am not Christian,no sibling, not alumni . The +ve will be I am at Ulsoor.

    Thanks in Advance

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