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Whispers Of Love

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by blackbeauty84, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. baljit

    baljit Junior IL'ite

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    Dear, next episode pls
  2. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    We have started..said a text from Harini. Soon ORK & his family would arrive here. I couldn’t still digest the fact Harini and him are …

    Sameer was lazing in my room watching something in Netflix.

    ‘Time for action..’ I said.

    ‘yeah..trust it doesn’t backfire..’ Sameer looked serious for a change.

    ‘It won’t..’ I said firmly. I’m relying on dad who doesn’t know anything about it yet. If everybody else play their part well..

    Me and Sameer settled near a huge window in first floor from where we could observe everything else. ‘Arrived’ said another text from Harini.

    ‘Oh my ..it looks bad..’ ORK said looking at the bruises and cuts in dad’s face. Apparently there was some physical violence while rescuing Meera and dad was injured in face. One thing we are glad is Kishore and his entire family is locked up in harassment case.

    Harini was looking like an angel and Nandhini too was equally charming. They were talking something where dad asked

    ‘Where is Srikanth?’ he asked and immediately our house keeper replied that I’m with a friend and asked not to be disturbed. Dad found it unconvincing and asked him who I’m with. Dad felt suspicious when the reply was someone from work. I could see Sameer was making the call as planned.

    ‘I expected it..’ ORK declared.

    A text from dad landed in my mobile.

    Priya took Harini’s mom away on the pretext of discussing something about bakery. Sriram who entered the house took Harini and Nandhini away from scene on the pretext of showing the house.

    ‘Thanks Sriram..’ I said. Everything was going as per plan. Sameer was on call and it’s going to be matter of minutes.

    ‘ You can come sit in my room if you don’t want to watch this drama..’ Sriram said to Nandhini who hesitated for a minute and went along with him. I could see them bickering at each other on the way to his room.

    ‘Battery down..’ Sameer shouted and switched the phone off.

    ‘What can go wrong now?’ Harini asked.

    ‘With ORK in picture everything….’Sameer responded.

    ‘Does Swathi knows whose place is this?’ Harini asked.

    ‘No..I don’t want to spoil the surprise.’ Sameer responded.

    ORK excused himself to wash room.In few minutes house keeper came inside. He appeared confused.

    ‘Who is at door?’ Dad asked.

    ‘She came searching for Srikanth friend..But Srikanth is not picking the call and asked us not to disturb him..seems his friend’s mobile also switched off..’

    ‘Call her in and go find Srikanth..’ dad said.

    Visibly pregnant Swathi entered along with Kabir. She stopped on seeing dad.

    ‘Hello..I’m Srikanth’s father.Please be seated..’ dad said while Kabir lunged on the snacks whom Swathi was trying to stop.

    ‘Sir..I didn’t know I’m coming to your house..I mean Sameer didn’t mention about Srikanth..Sameer lost his keys and asked me to bring duplicate.

    ‘Swathi right...I didn’t know Sameer is in house.. ‘ dad laughed.

    Swathi got distracted for a minute which was enough for Kabir to reach snacks tray.

    Dad requested house keeper to bring in some more snacks, while Swathi dialed a number got upset she didn’t get through.

    ‘She is trying my number I guess.’ Sameer smiled.

    ‘Your show is it? What role am I to play?’ dad sent a text to me.

    ‘Be you and keep ORK in check..’ I texted back.

    When ORK entered both him and Swathi’s face was frozen in shock.Dad made Kabir sit in his lap and appeared unconcerned about other two near him.

    ‘This is cheap..You thought I would speak to you, if you spring a surprise..’ ORK yelled.

    ‘No uncle..I didn’t know..’

    ‘I’m sure of that..Looks like it’s plan of Srikanth..’ dad added.

    Kabir was dripping ketchup in dad’s shirt who didn’t mind in the slightest.

    ‘I’m going to change the shirt. Swathi, you don’t mind if I take this little man along..’ dad tried to move away with Kabir.

    ‘Jai..mind if I wait somewhere else..’ ORK started, he stopped seeing his wife.

    Harini’s mom entered the hall and said to Swathi ‘Nice to meet you finally Swathi. I’m your aunt..’

    Swathi looked in disbelief at both of them. ‘I’m so happy for you uncle..When I used to talk to mom, she would always be worrying about you being alone..’ she went to hug ORK who didn’t allow that.

    ‘He is standing like a log..’ Sameer commented. Harini went down towards the hall when her mum said ‘This is my daughter Harini..’

    ‘You are Srikanth’s..’

    ‘Girl friend…’ Harini said firmly.

    ‘My god Sameer didn’t tell me lot of things..Congrats Harini, Congrats aunty..You must come home sometime..’ Swathi invited.

    ORK went towards the garden. I had to goto a different window to get a view of garden where dad was having serious discussion with ORK. Kabir was plucking flowers and handed few to ORK who reluctantly accepted the same. Scene in the hall was emotional with Swathi crying and other two ladies consoling her.

    ‘I will take Swathi home..It pains to see her crying especially at this time.’ Sameer said.

    ‘Sorry it didn’t work out..’ I was hoping ORK would relent on seeing his niece.

    ‘This was some effort..Swathi couldn’t reach him all this years blocked her number, denied entry to his house by guards..may be Swathi will accept that people like ORK are hard to change..’ Sameer replied while we were going downstairs.

    Priya was also in hall now and Swathi seemed to have become sobered up.

    ‘Let’s leave..’ Sameer asked Swathi who nodded her head.

    ‘You should bring Kabir at a normal time….Stay strong Swathi..’ Priya said.

    I know from dad’s face that discussion with ORK didn’t go the way he planned.Dad planted kiss on Kabir’s face who reciprocated the same.

    ‘Look Srikanth..someone is ready for grand children..’ Swathi commented. With Sameer adding on to it everyone was engrossed in conversation.

    It wasn’t until Harini pointed out I noticed ORK carrying Kabir
  3. creativemumma

    creativemumma Gold IL'ite

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    Actually I'm lost on Who's Swathi and connection between sameer etc- Had to re read 2-3 earlier episodes
  4. Sweetynila

    Sweetynila Silver IL'ite

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  5. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    ORK being ORK didn’t speak much to Sameer during dinner at Srikanth’s house, that day but in next few days ORK and mum visited Swathi’s house. ORK is still cold towards Sameer , mum told. But we all are happy that things are moving ahead.

    I was looking into the mirror and taking my time to get ready. That’s my joining date and it was on joing date last time I met Srikanth. I smiled thinking about him. He dodged ORK’s command of going back to London by a loophole in company policy and by that policy he is eligible to stay back in Chennai for two months. He was happy ORK will be moving out of the team by then.

    ‘When did you buy this shirt?’ Nandhini asked barging in my room.

    ‘Yestarday..Srikanth’s choice..’ I said.

    ‘Come I’m hungry..waiting for you..’She lead me to dining area.

    Mum has kept a sumptuous breakfast ready. She kissed me in head.
    ‘I feel so proud of you Harini..Joining the same organization in a much better profile with higher salary…’I too had tears in my eyes. Both mum and Nandhini had sacrificed many things for me.

    ‘Here..’ Nandhini handed me a new hand bag.

    Srikanth called me and asked me to come down. I picked my bag and was ready to go when mum said ‘Krishna is waiting to drop you…’

    ORK came out of the office room and said ‘Ready Harini. Let’s go then..’

    ‘I have planned to go with Srikanth..’ I said while getting in lift with him.

    ‘Alright. All the best..’ he said formally.

    When I told Srikanth about ORK’s reaction..’Hope he doesn’t show it in the meeting today..Mind you his rift is Sameer is still the same.’

    ‘You have less than two months…’

    ’56 days…I’m keeping a countdown calendar..One thing I’m sad about him leaving is Sriram. Knowing how Sriram & his folks work, it’s going to be nightmare…’ Srikanth said.

    ‘Hey..I’m planning to join gym..Let’s go at the same time?’ I asked. I badly wanted to change the topic.

    ‘Let’s register you then on the way back’ he suggested.’By the way Ramya invited us for dinner tonight this weekend ..’he said while parking the car in office.

    Before coming out of car, he gave me a peek in cheek.

    ‘This is office..’ I chided.

    ‘I’m glad to be in minutes reach from you through out the day..All the best dear..Keep texting me..’ he said not bothering about anything.

    My ex team mate was coordinating the induction and post the formalities, I was posted in Marketing team headed by Virat. Since it was first day, I was given an early exit and I was waiting in cafeteria for Srikanth.

    ‘Waiting for Srikanth..’ came a voice behind me.

    It was Ramya.

    ‘Heard you are back together. Congrats..’ she said.

    She looked very tired and was leaving for home.’Shall we grab a coffee?’ I asked and went towards the vending machine.

    ‘I have only ten minutes..Have to go and relieve the care taker..’ she said.

    ‘How is Vithuran?’

    ‘Handful..caretaker is unable to manage him, this is the fifth caretaker in last one year.I can move him to day care but my mom is bed ridden need someone to take care of her as well..I’m ranting a lot right? Which team you are posted into?

    ‘Marketing..that was my choice as well…’

    ‘Hey that was a surprise to know about your mother..How’s Srikanth reacting to it? she asked.

    She received a call from her caretaker and rushed home in midst of my explanation.

    Soon Srikanth called and asked me to come near car parking. I observed Srikanth avoided driving near the bus stop where I was molested and took a longer route.

    ‘Have you been to this park?’ Srikanth asked parking outside the park.

    It was a huge park flooded with folks from nearby companies. We found a good spot and was talking about work, Ramya and other things when I told about being introduced to the marketing team head Virat.

    ‘He accidentally put the call on speaker when I was in cabin. Sagar was on the other end.. Virat was threatening Sagar actually by going to some old man…’I said. Virat realized his mistake and disconnected saying he will call later.

    Srikanth perked up immediately. ‘He is referring to dad…they call him old man..dad was saying something strange about Sagar’s behavior…I wonder what it is…’ Srikanth said in a concerned voice.

    We remain seated in silence for sometime. I heard an icecream vendor outside, Srikanth saw this and got me one.

    ‘You are not having?’ I asked grabbing the one from him.

    ‘No..Six packs on the way..’ he said. ‘Are we on registering in the gym now?’ he asked in a teasing voice.

    ‘Yes.. what time you go?’

    ‘Five to six thirty..’

    ‘At morning? No way..find some other gym partner…’ I said licking the icecream from my hand while coming out of park.

    ‘That was ORK and he saw you..’ Srikanth said looking at the car which passed through.

    ‘He is not that bad..’ I said getting into the car.

    Srikanth glared at me. ‘That would not change my opinion. Ic cream on your cheeks by the way..’ he said.

    When I unsuccessfully wiped it, he came closer to me and looked at my eyes. I closed my eyes anticipating a kiss from him. A kerchief brushed my cheeks…When I opened my eyes,his lips reached mine.

    Smile refused to vanish from my face long after he dropped me home.
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  6. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    Sorry for the delay. I was very busy with work and will try to post frequent updates
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  7. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    ‘You look happy..’ commented security guard as I parked the house.

    I stopped to chat with him for few minutes. When I entered the house dad was relaxing in the sofa, appeared ready to go out.

    ‘Going out for dinner?’ I asked.

    ‘That was the plan.. Priya couldn’t make it..she is in discussion with lawyer…’ Harini’s mom is getting into bakery business as partner and Priya must be in one of the discussions pertaining to that.

    ‘If you have no other plans, would you come with me? Table is already booked’ dad asked.

    ‘What an end to romantic dinner plan… Give me a ten dad..’ I hurried to my room freshened up myself and then joined him.

    I took the wheels as dad said he is expecting some calls.

    ‘Stop at the corner shop, I’m running out of stock.’ Dad said. He got a call and appear agitated.I joined him while he was smoking.

    ‘This is highly insane..Keep trying him and update me in another 30 minutes..’ he yelled in the call.

    ‘Shall we get moving..’ he said on finishing the call.

    ‘What’s wrong dad?’ I asked.

    ‘Let’s talk about better things..Things okay with ORK?’

    ‘Oh no..let’s talk about better things…’

    ‘That bad..’ dad chuckled.

    We spoke about family on the way up and dad was in better mood on reaching the restaurant.Dad was welcomed by the chief executives of hotel.

    ‘I forgot about the royal treatment you used to get…’ I said when the chef left us asking about dad’s preference.

    ‘That’s not for me..for the position I hold. Should have made the reservation myself..’ he replied.

    We had a great conversation talking about everything under the sun.

    ‘That’s Virat with his wife…good he didn’t notice me…’ dad said hiding himself from Virat’s view.

    ‘You look like school boy avoiding the teacher..’ I commented.

    ‘I feel like stepping away for atleast an hour, though I must have got an update from my secretary…’ dad looked into his phone.’Offlate Sagar is behaving weird..doesn’t show up in office for days, skips meetings, not on top of things. I couldn’t reach him since morning..’

    ‘Oh..’ Sagar I knew was quiet opposite of what dad mentioned now.

    ‘…knowing Sagar’s colourful life it’s bit alarming. Everyone’s silent because they know Sagar is my man…’

    ‘Dad Virat…’ I said..’Virat was talking to Sagar today..’ I explained how Harini came to know about that.

    Dad called the waiter and ordered wine to be sent to Virat’s table.

    ‘Harini doesn’t know how much she has helped me today..’ dad was saying. ‘Virat is coming…’

    ‘Jai.. didn’t notice you..’Virat said shaking hands with dad.

    ‘Virat, this is my son Srikanth..’ dad introduced us.

    ‘Pleased to know you, Srikanth. What do you do?’ Virat asked.

    ‘I’m with Evolution as well…’ I replied.

    ‘Joined recently? How come I didn’t know..’ Virat looked at dad.

    ‘Huh..my mistake..I thought people will not give him normal treatment and kept it under wraps..I realized my mistake recently..’ dad said.

    ‘I understand..’ Virat smiled.

    ‘Virat ..I don’t want to hijack your family time..Entire top management is trying to reach Sagar and he is unavailable. By any chance did you reach out to him today?’ dad asked.

    Virat appeared unease for a second which dad caught up.

    ‘Can we talk about it tomorrow Jai?’ Virat asked.

    ‘8 am my cabin. Enjoy your dinner, Virat.’ dad smiled and gestured for the bill.

    That time I din’t know, this issue would have impact on several things surrounding me.
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  8. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    I enjoyed being back in Evolution and being back with Srikanth. Each action of him showed the love he had on me.

    ‘Hello ..’ Came a message from him in office communicator

    ‘Hey..’ I replied.

    ‘I’ll be late for lunch..meeting with ORK..you carry on..’ said a message.

    ‘I’ll wait for you..’ I replied.

    Apart from the time we spend together in commute, we hardly have any time. He was busy in work and I’m busy adjusting with my new team. It was really late when Srikanth came for lunch and there were hardly few people around.

    ‘Hi Srikanth..How are you doing?’ Sagar’s voice rang behind me. Virat was also with Sagar.

    Virat too exchanged few words with Srikanth and smiled at me. I’m not sure whether Virat knows I’m working in his team, apart from the introduction I hardly had any interaction with him.

    Srikanth told me about what happened in restaurant that day.

    ‘Did you hear from chairman on Sagar?’I asked Srikanth once they left.

    ‘No dad is in Delhi now and why are you addressing him as chairman now?’ Srikanth asked.

    ‘It feels weird chairman being your dad..’

    ‘Not weird as ORK being your step father…I couldn’t even understand him. Does he always look this grumpy at home?’ Srikanth asked.

    ‘No he is quiet normal infact funny. He is exteremely caring and spends time talking to us. He dotes on mum.’

    ‘Enough enough..’

    ‘Things will change eventually..He has invited Swathi and Sameer for lunch on Sunday..’I said.

    ‘and Sameer is having nightmares about it.’ Rajib joined our table with a coffee.’I console him asking him to think about you…ORK as father in law..’ Rajib laughed.

    ‘I was just telling Srikanth that he is not that bad…might be bit …’I was explaining.

    ‘You should sit in one of the meetings with him..’Rajib commented. ‘Srikanth, Ajitha wants to meet you at 3.30 at her desk..’

    ‘Oh hardly ten minutes ..Let’s make a move..catch you in evening. We need to pick up few gifts for Vithuran..’ Srikanth said.

    I don’t know what happened to Srikanth, he was highly pre-occupied that evening. Next day he came home to pick me up for dinner with Ramya.We were in my room and I was doing my hair.

    ‘What gotten into you?’ I asked.

    ‘Do you want to discuss now when no one is around…we have better things to do..’ he winked at me.

    ‘Hey..everyone’s home..’

    ‘Oh that’s the problem is it? …’

    ‘No I didn’t mean…’ I was saying when I heard ORK calling my name…

    We went down where ORK was sitting in sofa.

    ‘Srikanth..you grew up in a different setup, might not be aware of these things. Look it’s not appropriate to be alone with Harini in a closed room and pick/drop her daily. Apartment security guards talk badly about it…’ORK said to Srikanth.

    ‘So was it appropriate for you to hang around with her mum…’ Srikanth asked. That’s what I wanted to ask him as well, where is mum, couldn’t see her at all.

    ‘That’s different. We were old..considering your family history of breakup and separation…’

    ‘Just stop..’ I yelled at ORK.’ You have no rights to comment on their personal life..’

    ‘Maybe..I want to safeguard you Harini..Kaveri used to tell me what state you were when he broke up with you..’ ORK replied.

    ‘No thanks. I know to take care of myself. Let’s move Srikanth..’ I said.’Sorry for his behavior..I mean..’ I said as we moved out of house.

    ‘What else can you expect from him..’ Srikanth replied.

    ‘I don’t know how mum is expecting me not to have pre judiced opinion when he behaves like a….’ I stopped.

    Srikanth drove like a mad man and stopped at an ice cream shop.

    ‘Let’s not allow ORK to spoil our moods..’ We left the ice cream shop in much better mood.

    When we went to Ramya’s house, she was busy in kitchen. While I went to kitchen to help her, Srikanth was entertaining Vithuran and speaking with her bed-ridden mom.

    ‘My mom must have cribbing a lot..she does it to everyone who comes home..’ Ramya was telling us while eating dinner.

    ‘No she is just concerned ..’ Srikanth replied staring at Dev’s photo. That was from a picture where Srikanth and Dev wearing a identical colour suit.

    ‘Your phone is ringing…’ I told Srikanth.

    ‘Now? I mean I’m at dinner…okay..right..’he was speaking and went outside to speak. ‘’I’m sorry.. call from office….we would have to leave soon..’ Srikanth said on coming back.

    ‘I was looking forward catching up with you Srikanth…wanted to ask your advise on few things..’ Ramya said in a disappointed tone.

    ‘Me too..We will catch up next week in office..so sorry Ramya..’ we left after a quick dinner.

    ‘Where are you dropping me? …Hey you are driving in opposite direction of office..’ I said as Srikanth started driving.

    ‘I know..’

    ‘Whose place is this?’ I asked as Srikanth parked his car outside a posh bungalow.

    ‘Seriously..I don’t know..’ Srikanth said pressing the bell.I was shocked on seeing a familiar face at the door.
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  9. creativemumma

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    You left us in suspense
  10. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    ‘I’ll be there in five mins. ..’ came a message from Ramya.

    ‘Enjoy your lunch. Miss you..’ came a message from Harini. There is something I need to discuss with Harini, with lot of things going on I don’t have time to thing about that also the fact I’m not sure how she is going to take it.

    ‘Sorry to keep you waiting..’ Ramya came to the car parking. As we saw the other day, she looked tired and thinner than before.

    ‘Where’s Harini?’ she asked.

    ‘She couldn’t make it..’ I said opening the front door.

    ‘We can go, someother day then?’ Ramya hesitated.

    ‘No let’s go now.’ I insisted.

    ‘Where are we going for lunch?’ she asked.

    I had booked in a place which Dev used to talk about booking for his anniversary.

    ‘Have you been here before?’ I asked on entering the hotel.

    Ramya wanted to say something ended up with ‘No’

    Restaurant was thinly crowded and we opted for buffet.

    ‘How is work?’ I asked her.

    ‘Good. My team is really understanding and that’s one thing which is going good at the moment. ‘ I heard from Sameer earlier that Ramya was working very hard in the team and was promoted within a short span.

    We talked about common people we knew and then I asked her’ You wanted to talk something other day Ramya’ Actually I had come to talk with her on a sensitive topic but I wasn’t sure how to open it up.

    ‘Actually…that’s bit..I don’t have anyone else to talk about it..’ she appeared skeptical.

    ‘Ramya…speak up..whatever is in your mind..’

    ‘You always sad that.. I’m not this comfortable with Sameer or Rajib..’she started concentrating on food.

    ‘What’s troubling you…’

    ‘There is someone at work..we don’t cross paths often but I have a weird feeling around him…I feel he is following me…strange things happening..I sometimes get flowers delivered home…I have instructed caretaker not to accept any things such that…I keep getting calls from a private number, he hears my voice and disconnects …I can’t prove those are from him..but I have this feeling…rarely when we are in meeting his eyes always follows me..’ she started.

    ‘How long this is happening? Have you spoken to HR?’ It was clear that Ramya is greatly disturbed by that person.

    ‘No..I didn’t..Srikanth, I don’t have any proof…’ she repeated.

    ‘Okay who is that person? I will use my sources to find out….’I asked as she remained silent. ‘Ramya, what are you scared off..’

    ‘Srikanth this job means everything to me…I can’t imagine what I would do if not for the job..I don’t want to risk it..’ she said as tears brimmed her eyes. I abandoned my meals and sat next to her.

    ‘Ramya..how could it be a risk? We have people like Mukund heading up the HR and do you think he is going to blame the victim…’I asked. ‘Shall I set up meeting with him?’

    She took a deep breath and said ‘I’ll let you know…’

    I couldn’t get why was she hesitating about this. May be I should put Priya intouch with her..Priya was almost in the same situation….but it was other way round with dad.

    I visualized Ramya’s team structure to think who it can be. It took me few minutes to get that clear.



    ‘Are you talking about Sagar?’ I asked looking at her eyes.

    ‘How do you know?’ she panicked.
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