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Ursula Can Take A Course On India.....

Discussion in 'Indians in the UK' started by Amulet, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Amulet

    Amulet IL Hall of Fame

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    Ursula van der Leyen ( The European Commission President) says after the UK leaves the European Union......
    "Nowhere else in the world can you find 27 nations of 440 million people speaking 24 different languages, relying on each other, working together, living together. This is not by accident or by chance; this is grounded in centuries of shared history, decades of shared experience,” she said.
    As I read that, I thought... "what an idiot!".

    We normally ascribe a greater level of awareness of the world to Europeans than to my own compatriots, the Amreeki. Here is an example where a leader in Europe would do well to take a course (class) on India.

    India is a political union of several nations. We do not exactly have a customs union (this is why the trucks carrying goods get stopped on borders between our "nations", and pay a fee when they transport certain commodities), but we have a currency union(Rupee), a single market, and even a political union (Parliament) with teeth....i.e., Armed Forces. This last aspect is what Churchill called "The United States of Europe".

    Do you think the Members of the European Parliament (MEP) should take a course on India ?

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  2. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:Quite a pointer.
    Thanks and Regards.

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