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U & ME (Part-VI)

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Angellic, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Janani was in a painful situation wherein she has feeling for joy but cant tell him about how much she love him, as she can’t give up her parents.

    Joy was completely broken. He looks so sad with unshaved face, red soar eye, hairs in a haphazard way. He lost his interest in studies. He stays at home with a complete depression.

    It was November. All students were busy with their preparation for their respective semesters.

    Janani was studying in her hostel, her mobile buzzed, it was her mom.

    Janani said, “Hii amma, eppadi erukkhel? Enna vishesham? (HI mom, how are you? What’s special?)

    Her mom replied, hii chellam, we are doing good, nee eppadi da eruka? (How are you dear?)

    I’m doing well, maa, exams preparationlla busya eruken maa, that’s why I didn’t call you, replied janani.

    Teriyum da… yee un voice rombba dulla eruku? (Why you sound so dull?) asked janani’s mom.
    Nothing maa, just busy studying, may be that’s why, replied janani.
    I just called you to tell you that tomorrow is thirukarthigai, so visit a temple nearby. It’s a very auspicious day ma, I know u might be busy that’s why I called you to tell you this, said janani’s mom.

    Ok, maa will do that, replied janani.
    Seri ammu, nanna rest eduthuko, over strain pannaveda okayva, said mom with care.
    Seri maa, replied janani.

    Her mom disconnected the call. She was highly worried after hearing janani’s dull voice. But she ignored her thought, thinking in a positive way that as its exam time janani might be dull.

    Next day, in the evening, janani along with nisha, went to the temple. The temple was decorated with oil lamps (diyas) & beautiful rangoli’s. It looked so very beautiful. Janani prayed for her family, her friends and then she prayed for joy also. She prayed to god to give lots and lots of happiness and good health to joy. While returning, on the way to their hostel, janani saw joy’s mom buying some fruits.

    Janani went near her and asked, hi aunty, how are you?

    Im fine, janani, what are you doing here?
    asked joy’s mom.

    Today is thirukarthigai, a very auspicious day, so we came to the temple for darshanam, replied janani.

    Oh, so did you pray for us? Asked joy’s mom.
    Offcourse aunty, I prayed for everyone around me, replied janani.

    AAAunnnty, how is joy? He might be busy studying, Right, asked janani.
    No dear, he is not well since long, he is not going to college, not studying, I donno, why he is so depressed? I asked him many many times, about his problem? But he didn’t utter a single word, just looking very depressed. I donno, what to do? Said joy’s mom with pain.
    Oh, Ok aunty, getting late, will catch you later, bye, said janani.
    No, no, you people come and talk to joy. Atleast he will talk to you about his problem, requested joy’s mom. Saying this, she turned towards the fruit seller. Hearing this, nisha told janani to talk with him personally. Nisha went to the hostel giving some excuse.

    Janani went to joy’s home along with his mom. Joy’s mom went to the kitchen and told janani to have few words with joy. Janani slowly peeped inside his room. She saw him lying on the bed looking so very sad. Janani knocked the door. Joy was amazed with janani’s arrival. He warmly welcomed her with a wonderful smile. Joy looked so weird but still janani liked his new avatar. Janani smiled at him & joy smiled back.

    Oh, what happened to our Romeo? Looking so sad & depressed, huh, asked janani.

    Hi janani, Romeo, yeah romeo, highly depressed, what to do? You say, what’s up? You need any help. I mean, you have any doubt in your subject? Asked joy.

    Why joy? I can’t come and meet you without any reason or what? Vaise, I think you need a help, so I thought of helping you, said janani.

    No, No thanks, janani. I know your career is more important to you than anything else. You can’t help me anyways, said joy.

    Ok joy, I don’t need any help but ajay have some doubt in certain subject. So if you come and join us in our group studies it will be handy for ajay and it will be so much fun in studying, just a kinda stress buster, what you say, joy! Asked janani.

    Hm, Hope you wont get disturbed by my presence; I will no way ruin your career, said joy.

    No joy, not at all, it will be a great help if you come and join our group study.
    Also, I agree that I love my career lot more than anything else, but now for me your career and happiness are also equally important, said janani with pain in her voice.

    Then janani went near him and put vibhuti (god’s Prasad) in his forehead and said joy, now for me you mean a lot more than my career. You are my very good friend and I cannot see you like this. Its painful, it’s really very painful to know that I’m the reason for your sadness. I prayed to god. I told god to give you lots and lots of happiness.

    Joy smiled and said, I know janani, and I know you & your childish heart. You can’t hurt anyone even unknowingly. The care, the smile, the help that you give for your friends made me fall for you. Now you only tell me, is it my fault? Asked joy.

    It’s neither your fault nor mine, let’s forget that, now for us, studies are more important, let’s make our career first. Once we are settled then will make a decision on this, ok said janani.

    Is that possible? Asked joy.
    Its not in our hand, joy, we met each other, then we became friends, now we love each other, everything is scripted by god, so give it a damn and leave it to him, if we are meant to live together, we will live, said janani.

    Wait, wait so you love me, so you love me, right, asked joy.

    Hm, so you are coming for group studies, right joy, asked janani with a sweet smile.

    Ok, I lovvvveeee you, I mean, I love studying with you, I mean with all our friends, said joy with a wink. Janani giggled softly.
    Joy’s mobile buzzed. It was Suyesh.

    Hey joy, wanna join us in our party tonight, asked suyesh.
    No man, not in a mood to party, replied joy.
    Arre yaar, janani is a passing cloud, just forget her, man, come nah, let’s enjoy dude, said suyesh.
    No man, don’t talk anything about her, and I’m not interested in party so you enjoy dude, replied joy.
    Hey c’mon man, janani doesn’t love you, now atleast you drink and enjoy your life, said suyesh.
    Suyesh, enough of your Bulls**ts, just keep your stupid mouth shut and go on man, replied joy with anger.
    Dude, it’s too bad that you are talking to me like this just for that stupid, madrasi, said suyesh.
    Suyesh, just disconnect the call before I come there and give a hard hit and redesign your facial structure, said joy with anger…Beep beep the phone disconnected.

    Janani was quite upset with suyesh’s harsh words on her. But joy made her smile with his naughty act.

    Joy’s mom called janani, janani asked joy to join her but he told her to wait for 5mins and then he went to the washroom. As joy’s mom is calling, so janani went to the living room and sat over there and told joy’s mom, Aunty, your son’s problem is solved, now he is back to normalcy, are you happy now?
    Janani what was his problem? By the way, I hope, its not love nah, you know joy’s dad is very strict and he wont let his son do any such stuff, said joy’s mom.

    Hearing this, janani’s heartbeat raised up, janani looked so nervous, but janani controlled her feelings and then replied, no aunty, nothing like that, just a small misunderstanding between joy and his bestie suyesh, that’s it, don’t worry aunty. I’m here to solve his probs, as a friend, said janani.

    “Only friend nah?” asked joy’s mom.

    With a shock, janani raised her brows, searching for some words, and stammered yeah, I mean, yup, I mean yes aunty, only friends, said janani with nervousness in her words.

    Hearing her voice, his mom laughed out loud and said, relax janani, I know you are just friend, I was just kidding, chalo have some water, chill, ok…. Cool, sorry, janani, I love making such a prank, I do this with my daughter also, so please don’t mistake me, said joy’s mom.

    Oh (janani took a deep breath and said), oh, ok aunty, need to go, chalo then bye.

    What bye huh? Chalo, have something, said joy.

    Janani looked at joy with her eye wide open, and then with one of her brow raised, smiled and thought in her mind, here comes the charming prince.

    Before janani could say something, joy asked, hey do I look like a charming prince?

    Yeah, ma son looks like a very handsome, charming prince of larshini, said joy’s mom.

    Mom, stop it, said joy.

    Hmm, larshini, who is she aunty? Joy’s girlfriend, huh, asked janani.

    Not girlfriend, she is my brother’s one and only daughter staying in Cochin, joy’s cousin, very beautiful and smart girl, she looks like a princess, a perfect match for my son, hearing this janani felt bad and jealous as well.

    (Janani thought in her mind is she so beautiful? More beautiful than me or what? I’m also smart, is she smarter than me?)

    Looking at janani’s sad face, joy said, mom, larshini may be princess of kerala, but not my princess, saying this he gave a naughty wink to janani. Janani gave a fake smile.

    Joy’s mom then went to her room and came back with a big family album. She showed janani photos of her family members. This is my daughter mercy, looking at mercy, janani said, aunty, mercy look so much like you. Her smile is ditto like you.

    Joy’s mom smiled and said janani, look at this girl; she looks so beautiful nah?

    Looking at that girl, janani agreed (because that girl indeed looks very beautiful) wow she looks so pretty, replied janani.

    This is larshini, I love this girl, and I would love to have her as ma daughter-in-law. Let’s see what there in joy’s fortune, said joy’s mom.

    Hearing this, janani eyes turned watery. To hide her emotions, rubbing her eyes, she asked joy’s mom where the washroom is.

    Joy’s mom replied, go straight and then take a right.

    Janani went to the washroom, looked at her face in the mirror. She looked at her eyes, her tiny cute little eyes turned red and her pretty face turned pink. Then she washed her face and consoles herself saying it’s not joy’s mom’s wish, may be its god’s wish. This love is not gonna make up till end. She splashed water into her face.

    Then came back and said, aunty I need to go its already late. Aunty told her to have dinner with them but she said a flat no to her. Then, she said, actually aunty, I’m fasting today, so I can’t have anything too night. Saying this she left joy’s home. Joy’s mom told joy to accompany her but janani said no to that also. Janani, Are you alright? Asked joy’s mom. Slight headache, will be alright with a tight sleep, said janani.

    Janani moved and was walking slowly with hell lots of thoughts running on her head.

    To be continued....

    With Love,
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    wow.. nice.. post the next parts also soon plz..
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    Hey Angelic,

    The story is getting more and more interesting with each episode. Keep writing gal. Waiting to read more about this :thumbsup
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    @Sabari: Thnx alot for ur feedback...
  5. Angellic

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    @sofea: Thnx alot for your feedback dear...
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    Both of them \love each other so much now this new twist in this love birds story....

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