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U & Me...(Part V)

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Angellic, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Janani slowly left that place in silence. But pia could easily see so much envy in janani’s eye, she was enjoying that. As janani left that place, joy, who was bit upset with pia’s behavior, requested her to stop behaving like this.

    For which she replied, “Yeah, well I know that, but it’s all for you joy, you know I’m your closest friend. From day one of my college, I was watching you and janani, and I think she likes you…and I strongly feel that you too love her… Am I right?”

    Yeahhhh, replied joy. But how did you know that? Asked joy.

    She replied, “I know you from my childhood, you were never been so humble with any girls. I remembered those days, where you flirt with all the girls but if any girl tries to flirt back with you, you always hurt them with harsh words. Here also in college you were not changed, you continued to behavior the same way as you were in the school, but recently I could see some drastic changes in your behavior. Is it because of your so called love? Well is this true love or just infatuation? Asked pia.

    Quite skeptic at present, but I think I truly love her, I loved her nature, her kindness, her beauty, her eyes, her mannerism, etc etc etc. she disturbs me a lot, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies, I just feel her presence everywhere, cant explain you how I feel, simply I’m just crazy about her, replied joy.

    Hmm, I’m jealous, replied pia.

    Hey c’mon, you don’t have to be jealous with janani. I know you love shree, said joy.

    Yeah yeah, I won’t regret, I’m jealous because you are praising about my enemy in front of me. Girls generally like it when someone loves them more than their own life, and give them priority. In that case, janani is quite lucky. I love shree alot; He is my Mr. Right, he is smart but he is too dumb to understand my feeling, replied pia.

    Then why are you behaving like this, this would hurt her nah, said joy.

    Yeah, I know, but I was just testing janani, I know you love her but I just wanna check whether janani also love you or not, already I’m 50% sure that she also loves you, but need some more time to confirm it, said pia.

    Hearing this, joy blushed. Oh gosh, tu sharma raha hai, that’s wonderful, look at your face, said pia for fun.

    Hey stop pulling my legs yaar. Vaise do you think she loves me? Asked joy.

    Offcourse yaar, she loves you, that’s why she left the place without uttering a single word. She was damn angry with me, did you notice her face? vaise bhi you won’t understand, its girls psychology, said pia.

    Hm, I hope she has some feelings for me. I think she is very unique species present in the world, “just like an odd woman out types” said joy. (Odd man out)

    Yeah, yeah, all lovers will praise their girls like this only during their love life, god knows what will happen to them after marriage, vaise Joy please stop praising her, actually I don’t like her, well you know that, said pia.

    Yeah, you are right it’s a universal lovers dialog, but we will be an exception and our love will last forever. I do know that you hate janani, but she is my girl, so I request you that now onwards you please treat her well. I feel bad if she feel bad.

    Ok ok, chill, your wish is granted, replied pia.

    Hey you know once nisha was asking about our relation, I told her that you are my childhood friend, janani was listening to me so very carefully and she smiled when I say that you are my friend, said joy.

    Oh, matter serious ho raha hai, said pia.

    Yeah kinda, replied joy.

    Hey no news about shree, what’s going on in your relationship? Well initially when you had crush on shree, I loved the way you were behind him, chasing him, poor guy, but hilarious moments yaar, love to see your behavior towards shree and being in same apartment, I seriously enjoyed the live love story, said joy with smile.

    Yeah, all hilarious, but you know how much I get hurt, when shree runs away from me. Earlier he was in our building so I tried to express my love for him but then he went to US for his higher studies. So I become helpless.

    He never understands my love yaar, I’m mad for him, you know, how many guys proposed me, but I’m very possessive about shree. I can’t give a second chance to myself in selecting my Mr. Right. I remembered that day when he left Mumbai, I went to airport to convey my love for him, but he just smiled at me and advised me to concentrate on my studies. He thinks I’m too small to take such decision. He says I’m very small to love him. He thinks that it’s just infatuation. I don’t understand how to prove my love for him.

    Even now, everyday, I chat with him in facebook, and I use to tell him how much I love him and that I will wait for him till the end of my life. But either he ignores my words or just give a smiley as a reply. You know, only thing I pray to god is to have him in my life. Actually god has given me a very beautiful life, nice parents, luxurious life, beautiful me, only thing that I need is shree to make my life complete. If I get shree in my life, I will be the luckiest girl in the world, said pia.

    Hm, well I think shree will understand my love very soon, said pia (taking a long breathe). Hey joy, teach me Malayalam nah, because I want to confront with shree in Malayalam so as to impress him.

    Sure dear, but it will be quite tough for you because you are north-Indian, you can’t understand our slang and it’s quite tough to talk with our accent, said joy.

    Will need to learn this language best, that’s my only goal as of now. It’s the only way I can impress him, replied pia.

    Then pia and joy left that place talking about the same topic.

    Exams and assignments have become a routine for all of them. Finally with so much fun and struggle they all now in final year. Joy and janani becomes a very good friend.

    Joy started visiting janani’s room at evening just to be close to her and janani also liked joy’s company as nisha seems to be busy, freaking out in the evening, with ajay.

    Once joy came to visit janani in her hostel room and he saw janani was reading some book, he just stood near the door. Janani saw him and welcomed him inside her room and told him to sit in the bed. Joy sat on the bed, he saw lots of books just lying on her bed, some of the books were her study related books while some were novels and story books which she loves reading. Joy asked janani, “Well you read so many books huh.”

    Yeah, I love reading books, said janani.

    Hey did you read Shakespeare’s novel? It’s really very nice. I love his novels, said joy.

    Oh, that’s quite interesting, heard alot about it but I didn’t read them, said janani.

    Hm, I read his novels very frequently; they are very interesting, replied joy.

    Joy do you have the novel now? Asked janani.

    Yeah I’m having it at home. Well, come to my home nah I will give you his novel, we will go by walk so as to cut this blank boring hours, what you say? asked joy.

    Nice idea, I’m also feeling quite bored reading all same books, said janani.

    On the way to joy’s house, joy stopped her near a street food store and told janani to taste pani-puri.

    They had pani-puri together. Janani loved the taste and said, “Wow joy it’s really very tasty”. Joy you have a very nice sense of taste.

    Oh thanks janani, said joy.

    Saying this they moved on to joy’s home. Joy’s mom welcomed janani with a very lovely smile and made her sit on the sofa in the living room. Joy went to his room to search the novel. Joy’s mom was really happy to see janani and she told janani that joy has changed alot. Now a day, he doesn’t smoke also. And he started avoiding late night parties with his friends. All credit goes to you guys; it’s you people who have changed him like this. I always tell joy to have good friend circle but he never listen to me. Now I really feel happy that my son is so much changed. And you know he started bringing all stuffs that I love. Two days back he brought me soonpapadi which I love the most. I felt so cherished with his change. I called all my relatives and told them that joy bought soonpapadi for me. It’s always my daughter who used to surprise me with stuffs like this. Thanks to you and your friends for changing him like this, said joy’s mom with happiness in her eyes.

    Joy told her mom to get some drinks for her.

    Janani replied, “No, no thanks joy”.

    Joy got angry and said, “Why? You won’t eat anything from my home or what?”

    Joy’s mom interrupted joy and said, “Shut up joy, stop raising you voice in front of a girl its ill manner”.

    Sorry, janani, I’m extremely sorry, but have something nah, please, said joy.

    Janani winked at joy’s mom and told joy to bring coffee for them.

    Joy’s mom laughed out loud and said, “janani, joy doesn’t know how to make coffee."

    Don’t worry aunty, joy know everything, we will wait over here and joy will prepare a nice, tasty coffee for his lovely mom and his friend, right joy, asked janani.

    Joy smiled at janani and replied why not, anything for you. I mean, I can do anything for my mom, saying this; he went straight into the kitchen. Joy’s mom was completely cherished with joy’s reply. Within 5mins joy came to the living room with 2 cups of hot coffee and said, “Here is the tasty coffee for the beautiful ladies”.

    Joy’s mom sipped it and said wow that’s really very tasty. Janani took a sip and said,

    “Joy good work, its perfect!!

    Mention not my friend, replied joy.

    Ok aunty, it was nice meeting you. Need to leave, saying this janani stood up from the sofa. Joy’s mom told her to have dinner. Janani was scared of saying noo, so she looked at joy. Then joy said, “Mom she can’t have dinner at our place”. We are chii types (cheap) in front of them.

    Janani said, “Stop it joy”.

    Well just kidding, now don’t tell me I have to prepare dinner for you ladies, said joy with a naughty wink.

    No, I don’t wanna take risk, saying this she giggled and then continued, I will have my dinner at hostel.

    Then I will fill the tuffin box for your dinner, is it ok, asked joy’s mom.

    No, aunty, no thanks, said janani.

    Joy’s mom felt bad, looking at her janani said, ok aunty, fill the box, but don’t make it too heavy I can’t eat it all alone.

    Ok, just wait for 5mins I will be back. Saying this, she went to kitchen.

    Joy, who was very happy, said to janani, “thank you for accepting my mom’s food for dinner”, she is quite sensitive, if you don’t take the food, she will feel bad about it. Silly ladies and their sentiments, you know, said joy.

    It’s your mom’s kind nature. She is so lovely. She thinks me as her own daughter that’s why she is feeling bad, replied janani.

    What daughter? Nothing like that huh, said joy.

    Janani (controlling and trying to hide her smile) said why? What’s wrong in that?

    She thinks you as my friend only, nothing else, ok, said joy.

    Hahaha, you think females are senti but I think you guys are funny, saying this she splashed a smile looking into joy’s eye.

    Joy unable to resist the eye contact left that place and went to his room and jumped on the bed with happiness and then came back as normal as he can. Joy’s mom filled the box with rice and sambhar and few veggie side-dishes. Janani loved joy’s mom’s love toward her so she touched her feet to seek blessings. Joy’s mom replied, “God bless you my child”. Then joy’s mom instructed joy to leave janani at her hostel.
    Joy left janani at her hostel and smiled at her and said, “janani actually I want to say something to you, can I?

    Yeah, go on, said janani.

    How to start, hmm, hmm…well,aa.. Actually, hey tell how the novel was after reading, ok, said joy.

    What? You said wanna ask something to me, said janani.

    Will ask you once you finish reading this novel, saying this he said bye to janani.

    Janani, who very well understand what’s going on in joy’s mind, said bye joy with a smile.

    Joy can read what’s she thinks and what’s her smile means, he said hey don’t you know what I’m gonna ask you? Reply me honestly.

    Janani smiled once again and said, “Joy I don’t wanna throw a wrong guess so I will wait for the next turn, saying this she left the place.

    Joy with happiness just stood there dreaming with open eye. Janani went to her room and saw joy still dreaming looking at the sky, so she called him. Joy without attending the call came running and jumped into her room.

    Joy saw nisha along with janani and asked janani, “oops, janani did you call me?”

    Yeah joy, I called you to tell you that it’s already late so its better you go to your home, said janani.

    Being upset with janani’s reply, joy went singing the song “every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you…

    Nisha, who saw this behavior of joy, asked janani, what’s going on? Your ringtone has become his heartbeat or what?

    Janani smiled and kept quite, tilting her head at the edge of the door, looking at the direction where joy was going singing the song.

    Nisha looked at janani and said, “Is this love?
    Tu hi bata naa

    Hey stop it dear, he is funny, replied janani with an eye on joy's way.

    It was 29th august, midnight 12:00 clock; janani's hostel mates brought a cake with candles to surprise her. Janani, who was touched by her friends’ surprise, smiled with tears in her eyes. After that midnight party, janani took her diary and wrote the incident as "Sweetest moment". Next day, joy called her and told her to meet him at college gate. Janani went to the college gate. Janani wore a simple occur yellow colored tunic with mauve leggings. Janani's hair was open and it was dancing with the tone of the wind. Joy saw her from far and smiled at her waving his hands. Janani waved back.

    Joy came close to her and said, “Happy birthday dear"
    Thanks joy, that's so sweet of you that you remembered my birthday, replied janani.

    Well how was your yesterday's midnight party, asked joy.

    It was awesome, but how did you know that? Well, I thought you will call me at night to wish me, but you didn't, said janani.

    Yeah, I was quite busy arranging the midnight party for you, that's why I couldn't call you, replied joy.

    Hey, was that your plan? I was so very touched by that surprise party you know, thanks joy, thanks alot, said janani.

    Anyways, come nah; let’s go to marine drive, what you say? Asked joy.

    No joy, practicals are there, I can't miss them, so please, said janani with slight fear in her eye.

    That's ok, janani, I didn’t sleep the whole night for arranging your surprise party and all, but you can’t spend an hour with me. You think pracs are more important than me, I mean, pracs are more important than friends right, said joy with anger.

    Janani replied, Joy please, try to understand me, pleaseee!!!

    Ok, bye janani, I need to go, replied joy with anger.

    Janani's face turned blue, and she sadly put her head down without replying joy.

    Joy who saw her sad face said, "Ok, cool, birthday girl....smile please, you look very cute with a smile in your face, chalo smile, say cheesseeezzz"

    Janani smiled mildly and told joy that she will come to marive drive after the pracs.

    Ok, that’s so sweet of you, chalo then bye, will meet you at 4 in the library, saying this joy went.

    After pracs, janani went to the library and saw joy, who was waiting for her arrival, stood up and said hey janani, come lets go.

    Joy's bestie suyesh said hm, carry on dude. Joy winked at him and waved his hand saying bye dude.

    Joy and janani went to marine drive. Janani sat on a big, black, hard rock looking at the waves. Joy came close to her and said, “hey janani, can I tell you something?

    Sure, joy, Actually, I'm thankful to you for all you did for me for my birthday. All the compromises that you did for me. I heard it from your mom that you quit smoking and drinking too. That's really so very great of you. I'm impressed, said janani.

    Hey c'mon, you girls are so very senti, said joy with a naughty smile.

    Joy you look very funny when you smile at me like this, replied janani.

    Oh, really, take a snap nah, let me see how I look in that smile, said joy taking his mobile from his pocket.

    Hmm, joy, Can I ask you something? Asked janani.

    Hey c'mon, this time let me ask you something, chalo tell me one thing, honest reply huh, said joy.

    I don’t lie, joy, replied janani.

    Oh, so you mean, I lie? Asked joy.

    Not like that joy, but when I saw you at first I thought you are a bad boy, replied janani.
    Oh, you think I’m a bad boy, no issues…well all girls think about me the same. So now also you think the same or what? Asked joy.
    Not now, said janani.
    Ok, do you love? Asked joy with a naughty wink.

    What? janani asked with her brow raised and with a smile.

    Just reply my question, don’t cross question me, said joy.

    Ok, yeah, I love my parents, my friends, my teachers and all the good people around me, replied janani.
    Oh, you love only good people huh, so I’m not there on that list, rite…asked joy.
    Nah, not like that, joy.
    So you love me, asked joy with a smile.
    Oh, please joy, change the topic, said janani (who was blushing).
    Ok jokes apart, so do you seriously love anyone, asked joy.
    Not yet, replied janani.
    But why? I mean why you didn’t love anyone? I know you are so nice, kind, and beautiful too. You must have got so many proposals in your school and college days, then why you didn’t love anyone, asked joy.

    Yeah, many proposals came, but I rejected that's because for me my family and my career are more important than these stuffs. Also I don’t believe in love at that time as I thought I too young for all those stuffs, replied janani.

    So you don’t believe in love or you don’t believe in boys? Asked joy.

    Maybe, both, replied janani.

    Hmm, anyways, I thought you are unique, but you proved me the same. I don’t understand why you girls don’t have the guts to face the problems, you don’t love anyone that's bcoz you don’t have the guts to face the problems after being committed, said joy.

    Yeah, you are right; I don’t have guts to back answer my mom and dad, replied janani.

    Ok, tell me what you think about me? Asked joy
    Hmm, you are very short tempered, but very gentle and charming, replied janani.

    Yeah, you are right, so do you like me? Asked joy.

    Yeah, I like you, I like you alot, replied janani.

    So, do you lovvvvvvvvvv, hey can I ask you something, asked janani
    Sh*t…bitting his teeth, hmm, yeah sure,
    Said joy.

    Do you have any girlfriend? Asked janani.

    Yeah, actually not one but many, I have dozens of girlfriends, said joy.

    Janani with a surprise look asked him what? You have many girlfriends?? Then why you came with me? You should have spend your time with your so called girlfriends Nah.

    haahaha, chill ma girl, I don’t have any girlfriend so far. I was just kidding, said joy.

    Janani still doubtful about his statement asked him, Are you sure you don’t have any girlfriend?
    Hey, you only said I look like a bad boy, tell who will love this bad boy? Poor me...you only select some good girl for me nah, said joy.

    janani smiled and said sure joy. Joy, you wanna tell something to me nah what was it? Joy said, "I wish you read my mind"

    Janani's mobile buzzed and she took her mobile from her wallet and saw her dad's name flashed on the screen. Janani attended the call. She heard her lovely dad's voice and she could feel the care in their voice. After talking to them for 10 mins janani ended the call. She remained quite for 2 mins. Joy who saw janani seems to be upset asked her, “Hey what happen dear? Is everything alright?

    I am ok…replied janani.

    Ok, janani tell me one thing, what will you do if you love someone who is not from your caste? Do you have so much gut to stand for your love or you will give up ur love for your parent’s?
    I really donno what I will do, I can’t even imagine such a situation in ma life, janani’s eyes turned red and its better I go (janani murmured)

    I need to go; janani gave a sharp answer without any further conversation. Joy felt completely disturbed but he was helpless as Janani seems to be in a bad mood. He dropped her at her hostel. Janani didn’t say a single word. She just looked at joy’s eye and went straight to her room. Janani entered her room and slowly peeped from the window, joy standing still at that point where he dropped her. Janani’s started sobbing. Looking at janani, nisha was shocked. She asked her, hey janani, what happened dear? Why are you crying? Is everything alright?

    I made a blunder mistake, replied janani. My parent’s have so much faith in me that they sent me here for achieving my dream. But now, I think, I am diverting my mind away from my aim. This is not good for my future and for my family, said janani. I know how orthodox my family is? I know what my future will be if I continue this. Saying this she started crying. Nisha consoled her.

    I seem to be a soft girl, but I have been so stubborn with my behavior with guys. I keep my friendship within a limit so that no one approaches me with love. I can’t hurt joy. But If I don’t stop this now, then it will be tough for both of us and our family member.
    Need to do something now, saying this she started sobbing. Nisha consoled her and made her sleep. But janani didn’t sleep the whole night.

    Her behavior disturbed joy a lot. He also didn’t sleep that whole night. He tried to call her but she switched off her mobile as she very well know that joy will call her.

    And next day, she was feeling down with her health so she took some medicine and remained in her hostel. Nisha went to the college.

    Joy saw nisha. So he came running towards nisha and asked nisha about janani’s yesterday’s behavior. Nisha explained him her problem. He understood her situation and said nisha, that he won’t disturb her anymore. But joy was completely broken with janani’s decision. Joy was talking about janani’s decision to suyesh (his bestie) and said I thought janani will be my future. But janani give more importance to her career. Janani’s future is her career and not me, saying this joy burst out crying. Suyesh consoled him. But joy couldn’t get consoled by his words.

    …To be continued

    With Love,

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    Hello Angellic
    You really made us wait for this story for a very long time.
    Nice to know what is going on between Janani and Joy. I hope they love will succeed.
  3. Angellic

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    First of all, I'm extremely sorry for the delay. I was bit busy with ma work schedule so couldn't allot time for writing. Now since i get little time, so i thought of completing ma story...
    And thnx alot for ur feedback...Now i wont make u wait for a long time...will post ma thread every weekend...
    Hope u enjoyed!!!

    With love,
  4. MeenaRamki

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    Yes. even I was waiting for the episode for quite sometime, and thought may be u just left it like that. was surprised to see it today. good going :)
  5. Angellic

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    Thnx for ur feedback & sorry for making u wait for so long days...

    With Love,
  6. Sofea

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    Hi Angellic,

    I was wondering where you were for so long. In fact, I even thought of posting an advertisement saying "Wanted Angellic- with or without story!" ;-)

    In any event, you have given a nice surprise with a longer-than usual episode. It was really nice to read about the lovebirds. Hope Janani changes her mind and they get back together! Keep posting dear! :)
  7. Angellic

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    Hii Sofea,

    Thatz so sweet of you & my heartily thnx for ur wonderful feedback...

    With Love,

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